The mind is a funny friend. Constantly reminding you of this or that.

When I’m fasting I become more aware of my mind’s antics. The mind reminds me that I should eat something – I see an image of food in my mind…. my mouth waters. Of course, the mind and body are working together… the body gets hungry and the mind shows me a tempting image. The mind is very clever at getting you to do what it wants. You see, the mind believes that you must continually live in the social constructs of the world. THAT’s it’s job, and it’s pretty good at it.

The mind is addicted to thinking. It’ll be fed this thought and that thought, and then run with those thoughts regardless of whether they are good for your health, well-being and spiritual development. Some call this the MONKEY MIND. It gets chattering away with worries, anxiety, future plans, and so on. The mind games.

Sometimes I laugh at the antics of my mind, while other times I get pulled into the addictions of the mind. Either way it’s fascinating to observe.

The key point when Healing the Planet from Within is to observe the mind.

One very important point to remember about the mind is that the thoughts you notice scrolling through do NOT belong to you. They are not your thoughts that are in the physical mind. The physical mind resides within social constructs. It is constantly fed thoughts that belong to the social constructs and norms of the world we are currently experiencing.

For instance, lately I’ve been observing how much my mind and thoughts are constantly pulled into the drama of work playing a variety of mind games. The mind is finding it really interesting to play the game of being clever and playing the social game with the aim of being on top or better than the others. It’s politics at work.

I’m currently teaching ESL English in China with the aim of saving money quickly so I can go to India and/or Scotland and deepen my spiritual knowledge of dream yoga. I’m here in a new culture and a new environment. It’s completely different than my usual way of living with heavy pollution, wintery weather and toxic food riddled with heavy oils, sugar or salt. My body is going through turmoil, and my mind is mirroring the same. It’s a valuable learning process but I certainly don’t want to get stuck.

So, I decided to pull myself out of this normal way of living here and observe my mind. The addictions of the mind.

What did I find in the addictions of the mind?

Well, in order to continue working here it seems necessary to continue in the social constructs of this reality. I also found myself intrigued and excited with the notion of working hard to gain valuable rewards.

That’s a belief system I seem to be carrying around. I know it’s NOT the truth. It’s just what my mind believes. The usual mind games to participate in what we call living.

Then, I encouraged my mind to wander to other possible realities. When you do this you tell your mind to think outside the box of what’s in the current reality.

Of course, I’m sure you’re aware that you can create and magnetise to you anything you desire regardless of where you are in the world. The addictions of the mind hinder that creation. Instead the addictions of the mind ramble this way and that way without any real end result. The chattering mind also consumes your energy, and distracts you from the truth… and the pure goodness that you truly are.

When you pull yourself out of the mind games and observe from a distance – like watching a movie – you can consider any other option and design the best possible scenario.

When you work full-time your daily life is consumed with thoughts of work, and then your mind tends to continue with the work thought patterns after work and in your dreams. But how could you improve your life?

What to do with the Addictions of the Mind?

With the chattering monkey mind?

  1. KNOW that no matter what your mind is thinking – those thoughts are not you and do not belong to you. They are simply a movie running through your mind. Do your best not to get attached to them, or react to them. Once you start reacting or owning the thoughts you’re caught in the social constructs, personal template for living and matrix.
  2. KNOW that you are not your body. KNOW that you are a spiritual being living a physical life – to experience a limited reality.
  3. FEEL the light within you at all times. You are a multi-dimensional, expansive being. FEEL THAT.
  4. FEEL Joy, Love and Peace within your being as often as you can. Activate this in every moment the way you know how.
  5. STEP BACK AND OBSERVE. With an uplifting energetic vibration observe your current life situation. Feel into it with your heart – and then start to explore alternatives. What could be better for you?

And do your best to live a life you love! If you’re really feeling stagnant in a suppressive environment where you spirit can not soar…. well, I can only speak from experience…. I evaluate my life every day and feeeeeeel into whether I stay or go. I weigh up the pros and cons. Feel dragged down is definitely not what we’re wanting for Healing the Planet from Within.

The addictions of the mind are certainly something that can pull you into the mind numbing norm of society. Take advantage of any moment that adds that SPARK to your life whether that be attending a workshop, soaking in the bath, walking on the beach, drawing to memory a fond moment that lit up your heart, or having hope that your choices in life will indeed lead you to a more expanded way of living.

I hope this blog inspired you on your Seekers journey. Please do consider subscribing to my blog for more inspiration for Healing the Planet from within. It’s certainly worth it to be on this inner journey!