Expand consciousness with thought awareness.

Thoughts affect your reality.

It’s a known fact actually. Even Science knows this. If you’re thoughts are worried, stressful or filled with anger they cause certain physical reactions. Negativity can cause headaches, closed arteries, a weakened immune system, nervous problems, and so on.

Thoughts can cause all sorts of chaos in your life if you’re not careful. Hence, the reason why we need to remain vigilant of them while Healing the Planet from Within.

BUT, do you know where your thoughts originate from?

You don’t create the thoughts in your head.


Are you sure?!

Yes, yes. I’m totally sure.

When you were born you were given certain rules for living from your parents, family members, teachers, doctors, and so on. These rules of living taught you how to think and feel in any given situation.

How did they give those to you?

Well, they were just living their lives they way their parents and society taught them to. For example, if you were raised in a certain religion you would have attended regular religious meetings daily, bi-weekly or weekly and learned everything about that religion and the associated beliefs. As a child you don’t question what adults tell you and so you just take on these beliefs and ways of thinking as your own. These are added to what I call your Personal Template for Living.

Your personal Matrix.

Throughout your childhood these beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and feelings taught you how to react in different situations. For instance, if you cleaned your room you might get a hug or money or other forms of praise. So, you learned to clean your room and you’d get a good feeling. If you spilled the milk perhaps you were criticised, yelled at or scolded.

The different forms of reactions from the people around you told you many things including: who you are (a good boy or girl), whether you were loveable and worthy (you’re so good at that!), if you were capable of achieving (good job!), …. and if you were good looking, responsible, active or lazy. The list goes on and on.

What you need to be aware of…..all that you experienced from your childhood and past experiences formed your Personal Template for Living. It’s yours only. No one else in the world has the same template. Certainly we might have similarities.

So, now when something comes up in life you react according to how this template was designed. It’s an automatic reaction.

EXAMPLE: Have you noticed that people’s reactions to events or situation differ? Think of an event or situation that happened in your family. Did everyone react the same way? While people might have similar thoughts or feelings… they still differ.

What’s the point?

If you react the same way to situation over and over again you get a repeated pattern of relationships, careers, success in business, friendships, health, etc.

When you start seeing these patterns you start to wonder how you can change them. You get fed up – and want out – but the patterns still chase you.

That’s where you start working on Adjusting the Matrix.


The first step to unplug from the matrix – that pesky personal template for living – is to start observing your thoughts.

Start monitoring your thoughts with a thought diary. Buy a special notebook especially for this and spend 5-10 minutes each day writing down the thoughts in your mind. Do this for 21 days. At that point you’ll be aware of the thought patterns. You’ll also have the lifelong skill of remaining vigilant of your thoughts throughout the day. You’ll find yourself saying THERE’S THAT THOUGHT AGAIN!

Once your aware of your thought patterns choose not to react to them.

Thoughts are not yours. They are not truth.

The only way they have a hold and affect in your life if if you attach yourself to them with reaction.

Try your best every day to observe your thoughts and not react.

Pretend you’re watching a movie. When you’re watching a movie you just sit there and observe. Certainly your muscles might tense up – but then breathe deeply and relax them.

Watch your feelings and emotions – because if they start to change then you might have agreed to a particular thought patterns.

It’s a tricky practice to begin with, and I’m certainly not a professional at it yet.

I am aware of the thoughts in my mind, and the thought patterns that I allow due to the core beliefs handed down to me through my family generation and social constructs. I do my best to remain aware of them and continue on the path that my soul deeply craves.

It’s tricky… diligence is the key.

If you’re finding a need to deepen your knowledge of the Personal Template for Living you were given please contact me for a private session.