On our way to go fishing in Cape York, North Queensland, Australia my friend stopped the lady apple bush tucker
vehicle and showed me some interesting bush tucker that I’ve never seen before.

We were driving through sandy bush scrub to get to the beach. He pointed out many different types of food here. I’ll note more of this bush tucker in later blogs.

I laughed when he called it a Lady Apple, but that’s just the name it’s commonly known as.

lady apple north australia

Lady Apple – Bush Tucker – North Australia

Keep an eye out for this delicious and nutritious bush tucker when you’re walking or driving through the bush in North Australia.

There was quite a bit of Lady Fruit high up above the vehicle. I didn’t see it until he pointed it out. For me it’s all about training my eyes and other senses to notice food in the bush – not a usual thing from my upbringing.

lady apple cooktown australia

The fruit itself was pinky white and it tasted very similar to a Lilly Pilly fruit (I’m assuming their related). It was crunchy and bitter sweet – more sweet than bitter.

I really enjoyed eating these, they were quite delicious.