The Emotion Code is a powerful tool for unlocking and healing emotional blocks. We can identify trapped emotions in our bodies and release them using muscle testing, which can lead to greater emotional balance and improved physical health. We can decide if this method is appropriate for us to take on our journey to self-healing by experiencing its effects for ourselves.

While the Emotion Code may work for some, I’ve seen many people struggle to achieve positive results when only using this practice.

As an advanced energy healer, I scan the energetic matrix of a person and can identify why Emotion Code isn’t working.

Many times, the emotions being released are on the surface, leaving other stuck negatives that continue to radiate a lower energy vibration, recreating the negative emotions. As a result, no matter how many trapped emotions an Emotion Code Practitioner releases, the ORIGINS of the problem remain, resulting in the same negative emotions and problem situation.

As a result, when performing energy healing, a practitioner should be trained in Trance State so that they can see beyond the surface layer and locate and identify the ORIGIN.

When Emotion Code Doesn’t Work – A Story

Consider for a moment that a client comes to you for an Emotion Code session with the sole intention of receiving Emotion Code and having you release trapped emotions. They’ve only recently learned about Emotion Code and are convinced it’s the only thing they want.

So, you start doing Emotion Code in your first session and you release trapped emotions and cluster of emotions all with the overall theme of “fear, paranoia and not safe”. You notice how all emotions are related to this overarching theme, but you keep doing Emotion Code and releasing whatever emotions are discovered through muscle testing. The client reports feeling much better 24 hours after the sessions, and you believe you were successful.

The same client books another Emotion Code session the following week and reports that their problem has returned. The same theme “fear, paranoia, and not safe” appears during the second session.

Fortunately, by this point, you’ve completed additional training in my Integrated Healing program and can shift into a Trance State to see what’s going on in their energetic matrix. You track down the ORIGINS, which appears as a negative entity that attached itself to the client 5 lifetimes ago during war times. The entity is released along with the theme of “fear, paranoia, and not safe” using a safe process you learned during your training with me. The client doesn’t book in another session because their problem doesn’t return.

Benefits of Booking an Energy Healing Session with Santosha

When you’re serious about healing your life, you should work with an energy healer who has multiple layers of knowledge and experience and can work directly with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

If you hire an energy healer who performs a technique they learned over the course of a weekend or a few weeks, you can be certain that they are simply copying that technique and not truly working with the energies. While the watered-down version of energy healing may have some positive effects, it is not life-changing, and you will continue to carry the baggage and burdens of the ORIGIN into future lifetimes, experiencing the same struggles, pain, and misery as you do now.

The final decision is yours, but the real question is: Are for a new life and new beginnings? Or do you want to carry the baggage and burdens for a few more lifetimes?