When a person has a HeartWall, they are unable to sense emotions. They desire to experience love but are unable to do so. It’s as if there’s a shield over their heart that prevents them from feeling. Why is this the case?

We all had heartbreak from a bad relationship at some point in our lives.

This sensation of pain or heaviness in the chest can arise when we are hurt by another person, such as via trauma or abuse. We feel betrayed, wounded, grief, loss, anger, rage, regret, shame, guilt, and disappointment.

Because of the level of hurt we are experiencing, we may want to avoid or repress these feelings in order to feel better.

To protect us unpleasant emotions are stored in front of our hearts, forming what Dr. Bradley Nelson, originator of Emotion Code, refers to as the HeartWall.

When children grow up in an abusive environment, such as with a narcissistic mother or father, their subconscious mind constructs a protective wall to shield them.

I was working with a client this morning who was abandoned by their mother when they were four years old. The customer had been emotionally numb their entire life. Within layers of fury, rage, and despair, they felt “uncared for,” “unloved,” and “abandoned.” Because of this trauma, they lived on the streets, feeling the anguish and sorrow of life, looking for methods to feel better, and thus became addicted. At the age of four, their younger self built a wall of protection so thick that they couldn’t experience things as intensely as other people. They never felt like they truly belonged.

When I first heard about the HeartWall, I was intrigued how it would feel to have mine removed, so I enlisted the help of an Emotion Code Practitioner. They released the trapped emotions in my HeartWall over the course of several sessions. I just felt a little lighter after the first session, but with each subsequent session, I felt lighter in my heart. Every day, I felt happier and more content. It was easy to be happy for the first time in my life. As a result, I persisted with a few more HeartWall sessions, and when the last few emotions were released, I felt a surge of intense joy wash over me. My heart felt open and free, and I felt incredible!

THEN, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Women hire me to get unstuck from toxic patterns so they can move forward in life and business and create a life they love! Learn more about Heart-Wall sessions with me by clicking here.

The heart centre is such a vital aspect of energetic connection for us that scientific investigations have established that the heart sends out and receives love energy. When we have a Heart-Wall, we find it difficult to offer and accept love and other positive emotions. A Heart Wall, in my personal experience and that of many others, makes us feel alone, lonely, unhappy, and other isolating emotions. Dr. Bradley Nelson says that 93 percent of the world’s population has a Heart-Wall.

My life changed for the better once my HeartWall was removed fully, thus I’m passionate about assisting others with their Heart-Wall. Heart Wall sessions with me are 30 minutes long in order to keep costs low and make them more accessible to people. I recommend that folks purchase a bundle of 5 sessions to begin with, and then we’ll assess our progress. My Heart-Wall was entirely removed after 7 sessions, however everyone is different. To give you an idea, the most sessions I performed for a client were ten.

Here’s the link to the session page: https://healingtheplanetfromwithin.com/heart-wall-sessions-with-a-certified-emotion-code-practitioner/