You are an energy being. Energy flows through you, and back to you. This is an interesting topic to discuss. It goes quite in-depth so I’ll use an analogy of a being a character in a game.

When I was in Rishikesh, India this concept/truth was described by the word Maya (illusion).

Have you ever played a video game or card game where you were a character trying to get through a maze, build a community, gather important quest information, find magical items or kill off the zombies?

Holding high a gnarled staff the elderly Druid summons the fury of the storm and calls down explosive bolts of lightning to smite the evil who threaten her forest.

Getting into character for a Dungeons and Dragons quest requires one to get to know the characters past trials, experiences, wins and what they like to eat, their height and weight, the colour of their hair, their magical abilities, whether they have a tendency to uphold the law or go against it, if they have a happy-go-luck personality or are more the grumpy person or wise old man, and so on.

Example of a character for Dungeons and Dragons:

I was raised on a farm by my Aunt and Uncle. I was told I was sent there because my Father and Mother couldn’t afford to keep me. I think there’s another reason though. I don’t like plans. I make things up as I go. I’m determined to be successful, even though I’m always fighting up hill to get there. I’m a loyal friend, but if you betray me even once you’re out. I like to flatter people as it makes them feel wonderful and important – and that’s to my benefit. I prefer to be a loner, but sometimes I like to socialise. No one can do things as good as I can. Normally I’m happy – but I like things to go my way. I’ll break the rules to get what I want.

What’s YOUR Character?

Imagine for a moment that before you were born this lifetime you had the opportunity to DESIGN YOUR CHARACTER. You designed your matrix/personal template of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, feelings and emotions. You designed whether you were particularly intelligent or more of a hands on learner. You decided on the core of your personality such as whether you had anger issues to solve and argumentative, were more the go with the flow type of person, or perhaps you wanted to be an intellectual analyser of the world around you.

Each lifetime you live you have the opportunity to GROW YOUR CHARACTER with what you learn. Hence, the necessity of past lifetimes.

Hindu Philosophy

Okay, so if you’ve kept an open mind to this point we can continue with the topic of the blog: energy flows through you, and back to you. 

You are an energy being who has designed a character which you are role playing.

In Hindu philosophy you are cosmic consciousness which has accepted thought patterns of the social world such as “I am from Indian heritage and I am a woman. I live in Canada. I am an accountant” So, the soul identifies with the temporary physical body and everything connected to it such as family patterns, gender, work, religion, culture, nation, race, and so on.

When you use personal development tools you become consciously aware of this then you can consciously control the energy that flows through you and back to you. Instead of believing in right and wrong, or this and that you choose the path of non-attachment and become a neutral observer. This is when you no longer conform to the beliefs of the religion you were born in, or the family patterns of feelings and emotions were you raised in, etc. For example, be a good girl today and you’ll get ice-cream for dessert – training your mind to reward good behaviour with sweet foods – and now that you’re 45 years old you’re over weight.

So, you can choose what to believe as to how it affects your life and lifestyle. You can choose the beliefs that empower you to step into a life you life.

Then as you start generating positive feelings through good thought and good action to develop wisdom – to see things in the real light. You move slowly away from Maya and towards enlightenment, or liberation.

The energy that flows through you become more clear.

Create Your Life – ON PURPOSE

Energy flows from you, and back to you. As the critically thinking private investigator you can influence and control your life and your energies. You can creatively focus your power by designing your life to start changing you from the inside out, getting powerful results. Your conscious and unconscious mind will reflect your desired change in your immediate reality.

Allow your soul to speak and radiate your divine essence in the world. You will discover feelings of abundance, health, confidence and positive relationships proven to uplift you. Your unique life design will guarantee a change you will love. Uplifting your energies ON PURPOSE creates a rippling effect of positivity around the world. Healing the Planet from Within