Last week I was putting together a curriculum for a meditation course and listed 21 ways to meditate.

If you’ve never meditated before but find a need to meditate to improve your life you might feel peace of mind to know that you don’t have to sit cross-legged and not move for hours.

I find I need meditation in my life as much as I need breathing. In my daily practice I use a variety of meditation styles such as visualisation meditation, walking meditation, reflective meditation, talking with my spirit guides and higher self, yoga nidra meditation, laughing yoga meditation, NentatsuHo meditation to change thought patterns, deep breathing to center myself, sitting with mudras and chanting mantras.

The art of meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.
Meditation has many benefits including connecting with your higher self and spirit guides to receive information and guidance for best solutions and positive changes, to find balance, relieve stress and anxiety, boost your confidence, give you peace of mind, increase happiness, etc. There is no other more unique and diverse tool than meditation that’s available to everyone, at any time.

My daily practice starts with yogic cleansing, pranayama and a Mantra, “I am Infinite”, then other methods of meditation will flow throughout my day as needed to enhance my day.

For me, the practical benefits are to maintain balance of emotions eliminating anxiety, awareness of habitual thought patterns and the power to change them, helps me visualise better to create my reality, helps me activate feelings of love, peace, and joy at any time, connects me to my higher self, and connects me to the infinite reality where we are all One.

Here’s a list of 21 ways to meditate for you to explore :

1) Heart group meditation
2) Thought awareness
3) Changing thought patterns
4) Candle gazing, trataka
5) Healing the Planet
6) Activating positivity
7) Loving kindness
8) Eye gazing
9) Guided meditation
10) Laughter Yoga meditation
11) Listening to your spirit guides
12) OM meditation
13) Walking meditation
14) Chakra meditation
15) Sound meditation
16) Counting meditation
17) Visualisation
18) Healing meditation, using visualisation
19) I am dreaming, lucidity
20) Mindfulness meditation, breath and surrounds
21) Nataraj meditation, the energy of dance

If you’d like me to expand further on any of the above please do comment below.



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