MEANWHILE IN INDIA: 15 minutes ago I was sitting in front of his Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Yes yes… It’s quite a story.

Right now, in this very moment, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is doing a public talk in the Thekchen Chöling temple complex in Mcleodganj near Dharamsala.

My day started at 6am as my new found friend was determined to get to the temple early.

My first attempt at entry to the premises was stopped because the security search found my mobile phone, which was turned off by the way. But they’re pretty strict – so I turned around and went back.

I went for breakfast. My friend went inside. Things happen for a reason.

I went for breakfast.

At breakfast I met a woman who had very sound advice that she was given by her accommodation.

“Once you’re in you can walk around the temple area and see the Dalai Lama directly.”

You see, there are many people who go to see the Dalai Lama and there are layers upon layers of sitting places for the crowds of people. Most people are watching him on a digital screen while his Holiness sits in another part of the building.

I waited until the line of people dwindled down… at least an hour. I had a nice breakfast, and was feelijg pretty great.

After breakfast I walked up and down the street chanting OM ACHUTE NAMAHA. Perhaps there’s some magic in that chant I learned from a doctor in Rishikesh, India. Since then I’ve discovered that chanting has alot of power and creates a resonant energy of higher vibrations, sacred.

So, finally I enter and then walk past the thousands of people watching him on a screen, go up the steps… go up another set of steps and YES YES YES, I found myself staring at the Dalai Lama…. no screen.

Now something very interesting started to happen at this very moment.

My legs start to shake… Pulsating with energy. There’s only one other time in my life when this happened. They do this when there’s big power. To me it’s confirmation.

I was told to sit by the people behind me who wanted to see him.

So, I sat.

And did my meditation practice…. In front of his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

No cameras or mob phones are allowed, so there’s no evidence.

I’m not sure how long I was meditating for. All I saw was a bright white light and felt the deepest essence of love, peace and joy all rolled into one. I love that feeling.

Right after I left the temple I asked Western tourists to take a picture of me in front of the temple (as above).

And in the Cafe some kind Monks posed for a picture 😊I bought a few souvenirs near the temple. Now, I’m sitting in a Cafe very near to the temple. The  Divine Being, Dalai Lama continues to talk.

Wow. My journey is surely blessed with plenty of cosmic consciousness 🙏🙏 OM MANE PADME OM