I use purple for my energy ball. In many beliefs purple is considered to be the colour of psychic energy, the crown chakra and other worlds. So, I use purple. It feels right to me.

Why Create an Energy Ball?

Well, there are many reason. Most importantly, as you expand your consciousness it’s imperative that you fine tune your ability to control your thoughts. The practice of creating an energy ball helps you focus on one activity.

My mind is still being fine tuned. It’ll wander here and there before it focuses on the energy ball. Once my mind holds the image of the ball I can focus on the details of it: is it soft? silky? hard? warm or cold? what’s it’s size? And so on.

Over time your practice builds.


STEP 1: Choose a colour.

STEP 2: Choose a purpose. I recommend creating your first energy ball for spiritual healing.

STEP 3: Sit quietly and go into a deep meditation. If you’re new to meditation please click here to read my blog about starting meditation…. before you do this exercise.

STEP 4: Imagine a ball floating in front of you about 1-2 feet away. Hold that visualise as long as you can, and keep moving your thoughts towards the ball if they wander away.

Do this for 10-20 minutes.

Over time you will notice how the ball starts to form as an image in your mind. You might feel it alive, or might see it clearly. Different psychic abilities form in people differently.

Keep practicing this technique every day, or whenever you feel the urge.


Well, that’s up to you and your new friend.

You see, when you work with energy it becomes alive – so to say.  Just like any form of energy work you feel it inside of yourself.

Remember – you’re on

Healing the Planet from Within

 – website…. right?

You’re working with a higher psychic energy source that’s inside of you.

Everything is made of energy – including your physical body. The purple ball is also a form of energy.

But it’s OUTSIDE THE MATRIX that’s has your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions intact. It’s OUTSIDE of Your Personal Template. 

You can work with this purple energy ball to heal.

Yes, you can ask the energy ball to scan your bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and SHOW YOU what needs healing, shifting and transforming.

PLEASE NOTE: The energy source does NOT speak in verbal communication. It’s not in a physical form, so it won’t give you words in your head. It also won’t give you negative feelings.

Remain aware!

IF, you get words in your head – ask them to leave. There are 9 non-physical being to 1 physical human being in this 3D reality we’re residing in (see Sandie Gustus book: Less Incomplete: A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition Beyond the Physical Body). The non-physical beings crave communication and feed off energy. (If you’re currently unaware of this – please read my blog here!).

WAIT for the energy feeling within your heart. The feeling only speaks the truth about your healing.

This feeling will be uplifting, informative and encompassed in peace. That’s how your soul, your infinite being will communicate with you.