If you are indeed excited by the idea of expanding consciousness this is the perfect time to get actively involved. You see, once you are conscious in the physical body you have the ability to transcend old patterns and raise your level of vibration.

When researching HOW TO EXPAND CONSCIOUSNESS you’ll run across the same basic principles and path.

“We are to pass over to the Nirvana state which leaves no track, by the power of the ultimate Emptiness of the Prajna Paramita wisdom. The way to do it is to set out in the Heart Sutra. The practice is to cross the world of Nirvana by the power of wisdom, and to train the heart to do it is what the Heart Sutra teaches.”

“Emptiness does not have the meaning of a void with nothing in it. It means not leaving a track. At present each step is leaving a track, but if we can realise this trackless state, even in the present life, it is Nirvana.”

Quote taken from the book, “The Tiger’s Cave: Translations of Japanese Zen Texts”, by Trevor Leggett.

The path to enlightenment is many, and none.

Ancient wisdom over the centuries have attempted to document the path to enlightenment. Yet, it seems, the path differs according to each individual being.

So, how does one find one’s personal path to enlightenment?

The myriad of social constructs leaves one to wander through the mundane world in a maze of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions… the addictions of the mind.

Observing all that, one steps forward into realisation. Thoughts of the mind are not truth. How you feel is subjective to your thoughts, and other energies around you. Thoughts are dictated by social constructs, therefore how you feel is something that is told to you. Everything you think, feel, believe – is a construct of this mundane physical world.You’re living as a slave to the system.

Until you wake up and realise that.

Then you watch your thoughts, and change them according to how you want to feel. And then you step into ON PURPOSE thinking to activate positivity – and you reap the rewards of magnetising good things to you. You feel good in this higher state of being.

What you think and feel creates an energetic vibration. This energetic vibe is what I call your “Personal Signature Pattern” because its unique to you.

Now, just to note quickly, that the physical world – living as a human being – is a pure gift to expand consciousness. It’s the playground for expansion because the rules of duality pressure one into seeing differences… realising that self is unique, while one with all. Although it seemingly feels miserable at times – this feeling triggers lucidity.

When one is triggered into a state of being awake it first seems as though the world of duality is horrible. This feeling then pushes one further onto the path of expanding consciousness and seeking a better life.

That’s a good thing.

This feeling in the body attracts the attention of ascended masters who have gone before because it heightens vibrations closer to their level of beingness.

Then, it gets exciting.

Following the “breadcrumbs”, as I refer to them, you receive information from these uplifted beings in the form of books, people, videos, ideas or even just a random phrase at the grocery store… and then you follow this information and it leads to an opening that furthers unlimited thinking and doing.

Another door opens.

You follow that.

And then you realise that this path to enlightenment and expanding consciousness is unlimited in itself…. once you start on the path it keeps getting bigger and bigger and you feel how expansive it actually is.

Then you pull yourself back into the mundane world and enjoy being human for a moment or two. The seemingly restrictions of the human world are responsibilities simplified compared to the expansive world of the path to enligthenment and expanding consciousness.

Yet, the craving continues to taunt you forward and so you step into the seekers shoes again and follow the breadcrumbs…

Excitement and fascination….

Leading to ever expansive and consuming feelings of Peace, Love and Joy.

It’s not all complicated this path to enlightenment. Not at this time of expansion. There are many teachers with hints and ideas on how to lighten one’s path. Pick up one or two of these and start to practice. Then as your practice grows so do you. Sure, at first you might struggle against the flow of the mundane way – it’s familiar and easy all these centuries of doing. But then you become familiar with the new energy vibes and how good they feel. Follow that good feeling.

That’s as simple as it can get.

Follow the good feelings.

Generate positivity vibes in your body…. and do this on as many levels as you can think of. If anything – it makes life fun!


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