Power of Mudras in Healing the Planet from Within

Mudras have become a close personal friend of mine. I was introduced to these friendly fellows about a year ago. Mudras amaze me how powerful they are. It only takes the touch of two fingers to feel a deeper meditation space very quickly.

What are Mudras? gyan mudra beauty healing the planet from within

I like to call Mudras Finger Yoga because you’re using your fingers! Makes sense, huh? Different fingers put together in a certain way activate energetic powers to heal and influence the energies within our bodies. I’m not sure how it work – but it works! I can really feel it.
What do I use Mudras for?

Well, since I downloaded a MUDRA PHONE APP (Daily Mudras is made in India and has a white lotus flower in an orange square). I’ve been referring to this handy mudra phone app from India for any ailment I’m having.

For instance, when I meditate or want to feel deeply relaxed I use the Gyan Mudra which is the pointer finger touching the thumb.

OH! Mudras are usually done with both hands at the same time. Thought you should know that. 😉

  • I’ve also used mudras to relax my neck muscles, which seem to tighten during times of stress.
  • When my stomach was upset I used a mudra and it seems to send this warm healing energy to the area, making it feel relaxed and at ease.
  • I’ve used mudras during times of anxiety – currently living in dorms in China and boy, oh boy, stressful times are a plenty here!

I first started doing mudras as a spiritual practice during meditation. There are different mudras for different aspects of spiritual development.

What do I feel when I do a mudra?

I feel a warm soothing sensation in the area of focus. Some mudras have a stronger energy current than others. I’m assuming this is because the mudra is needed more at the time, because if I do the mudra later in the day the energy current isn’t as strong.

Mudras are a helpful and easy tool for personal development and spiritual development.

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