I really can’t stress enough the powers of positivity!

Positivity is a higher energy vibration that includes the upbeat, uplifting feelings and emotions such as: joy, gratitude, hope, love, excitement, fascination, interest, inspiration, pride, amusement, peace and serenity.

If you’re sitting in any one of these forms of positivity you feel good.

Feeling good is the INNER FEELING we’re seeking to achieve every day.


Well… because it makes you feel goooooood. But also because it’s good for your overall health and well-being.

There are many benefits of positivity. In fact, the many forms of positivity have been proven in scientific research to improve your health and well-being, increase motivation and boost confidence levels, broaden the mind to new ideas and possibilities and magnetise good people to you.

It improves your immune system, heart, ability to heal, and reduces stress levels. In fact, activating positivity a day is probably better than an apple to keep the doctor away.

But there’s more to positivity than that….

Once you become familiar with the different forms of positivity you can choose to, ON PURPOSE, activate them when you need to.


Well, basically this means to consciously choose to feel better. Instead of remaining stuck in thoughts or feelings that put you in a bad mood…. you choose to flick your thoughts and feelings to something that makes you feel good.

I’ll go through the many way you can activate positivity in future blogs. There’s just soooo much good fun in positivity!

Why are we doing positivity here on this blog for Healing the Planet from Within?

Well, imagine this…. if every person you knew…. had the knowledge and experience…. of choosing positive thoughts and feelings….

Would your life be different? …. definitely YES!

AND, what if, everyone around the planet knew how to flick into uplifting vibes any time of the day….

Would the world be a different place? …. definitely, YES!

You crave a better world – I know you do.

You want peace, and people to be happy.

You are one of those dedicated people that really care.

So, where do we go from here?

Take your time to explore the different forms of positivity and learn why they are sooooooo very good for your health & well-being.

Watch the videos on this BLOG page and then come back for more inspiration every day!

Especially CHOOSE to look at and PUT ACTION TO…. our Activate Positivity daily challenge!