After 10 months in China I’m glad to be home. I didn’t have to stop in Australia, but I really missed my

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daughter, me Aussie Mums, friends, the beach and the rainforest…..and this time I really appreciated the fresh air….. that didn’t hurt to breathe. 🙄

And, of course, I was grateful for the food that is not heavy with msg, chilli sugar or toxic oils.

Australia really has all the great beauties. I first spent time with my dearest friends and Aussie Mum at the beach. Australia East Coast has the prettiest, cleanest beaches that I’ve seen anywhere around the world, and even around Australia.

The beaches here are not too crowded either, which is a bonus. I’ve been very blessed to spend the last 23 years near these beaches.

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Then I went up the mountain and spent time with more dear friends. I’ve spent nearly half my life in Australia now and have so many people that I consider SOUL FAMILY here. Always feeling deeply grateful for the people… but now I’m feeling grateful for the fresh air and lack of garbage on the road.
Here I walked in the sub-tropical rainforest, saw a platypus in the river and enjoyed various foods I’ve missed so much during my time in China.
Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the cultural differences and experiences I had in China. But I guess when you’re used to HEALTHY VEGAN foods, quiet outdoor places and time to reflect in nature… well, these things are hard to find in China….

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Then, just a couple weeks later, I headed back to the city to soak up some delicious sunshine and awesome views. Here’s some pictures of the public swimming pool, free for everyone to use. It’s winter here so not many swimmers, just a few sun tanners.

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A nice break to touch base with everyone that’s family to me. I feel grounded and refreshed, and ready for my next adventure.

Off I go to Thailand and India!