Yesterday this full-on dedicated man came up to me on the streets in Thailand. He had a book in his hands. He started to tell me about the predictions that were made by the author, and how true they’ve been up to this point.

I listened for a few minutes. He was obviously very passionate about this. Some of it was quite fascinating, perhaps even factual.

Apparently, the US and the Pope will align and call a worldwide Sunday no work day.

He didn’t get to tell me what happens after that because I just had to ask.

Why? Why are you talking about this?

He did his best to answer my question with more facts.

I explained my question to him again. I wanted to know WHY he was talking about this stuff, and this book in particular.

He recited more facts from the book. They sounded actually recited.

I asked again. Why do you talk about this book? What does this prediction of the future mean to you? There are so many predictions after all.

I told him I’m very aware of the upcoming changes. That I have a close connection with my spirit guides.

Yet still he couldn’t answer the question. He struggled to know why he was doing this work.

A message delivered in a hypnotic, fear based way is a low vibration. I’m not willing to accept that.

If the message being delivered was in any way heart based with true genuinity I would have wanted to know more.

I told the man I wouldn’t listen to his ranting. It was not understandable, filled with a new fact every 30 seconds.

A Heart based message filled with love, joy and peace would have been a one from my spirit guides. I’m listening in every moment.

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