A Great Deity, Dainichi Nyorai, stands behind the potent Light Energy of Reiki. Dainichi Nyorai is known as the Supreme Buddha of the Cosmos in Esoteric Buddhism, as the source from which all other deities and everything in the universe emanate, similar to how light emanates from the sun.

It is believed that Dainichi permeates and creates all things. It is claimed that all other buddhas and deities are emanations of Dainichi. Dainichi Nyorai is also known as the Great Sun Buddha, who constantly radiates Divine Light throughout the globe. This being is the God Source energy and possesses the Reiki Energy Healing gift for humanity’s enlightenment.

The first quality that Dainichi bestows upon us is the ability of the Universal Divine Light to dispel darkness and erase pain, suffering, sadness, and despair. The Reiki Master symbol possesses this power, thus when a Reiki Master employs the symbol, it has the ability to bring Light.

Similar to the sun, which shines regardless of whether it is day or night, this brilliance has no beginning and no end. The Divine Light is hence infinite, immortal, and the universe’s essential essence.

The third Dainichi virtue is to educate and elevate people and other living things. He considers compassion and love to be the origin of all existence.

It is stated that daily meditation with the Reiki Master sign is the route to enlightenment; it will simply lead you there.

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