Laughter Yoga in Fiji Schools

While I was in Fiji I had the delight of doing Laughter Yoga with a couple of primary laughter yoga in fiji schools 2schools.

I did the official Laughter Yoga training a few years ago and so far have conducted sessions in community centres, for elderly people, and during business breakfast meetings.

Laughter Yoga was founded in India by Dr. Kataria when he realised the health benefits of laughter on health.

The idea of Laughter Yoga is that by doing 20 minutes of laughter you improve your health and well-being.

The stressors of the serious academic environment can create tension for children often stifling their natural learning ability. This is why some schools have incorporated stress-relieving activities such as yoga, meditation and laughter yoga.


Laughter is a form of physical exercise as the children move about in the different activities. This can improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain improving concentration and increasing learning ability. Laughter Yoga sessions and increasing positivity have been scientifically proven to boost immunity against common cold and flus too. Furthermore, if cheerfulness becomes a way of life for children they will have a positive attitude and a higher self-esteem which in turn enhances their creative abilities. Imagine how laughter yoga could give them a positive boost before a public speaking event!

Overall, Laughter Yoga is highly beneficial for children! And adults…and everyone!