One of the most important tools on the journey of expanding consciousness and Healing the Planet from Within – is Soul Speak.

In our physical reality we communicate with verbal communication (speaking words), and we use non-verbal forms of communication (body language).

In the energy world there is a different type of communication.

Let me explain…

Do you remember your dreams?

Do you remember speaking in your dreams?

Do you remember physically opening your mouth and sound coming out?

In dreams you speak with Soul Speak. Soul Speak is not an exact definition, but rather a term that we can use to describe this other way of communicating.

non physical communication listening inside healing the planet from within santosha
Robert Munroe, author of the book Far Journeys, and experienced Out-of-Body Traveller says this type of communication is a “direct instant experience and/or immediate knowing transmitted from one intelligent energy system and received by another.”

This way of communication is not limited by the matrix or social constructs of this reality. It is expansive and unlimited. You receive an inner knowing about a particular subject or an answer to your question. This is how your guides communicate to you. It’s similar to receiving sudden inspiration…. you just feel it…. and know it. 

For instance, if someone were to tell you their story with verbal and non-verbal physical communication you would get the facts. Maybe they ate at the best Italian restaurant and had the best lasagna they’ve ever had.

If someone were to tell you the same story with SOUL SPEAK you’d get the feeling of what it was like to be in the restaurant. Nearly as if you were there. If they were taking note of the details of the lasagna – the ingredients, texture, flavour – you’d also receive that information.

Robert Munroe refers to this as receiving a “Rote”.

Why am I telling you this?

You might already know how to feel this way of communication.

It takes practice, especially if you’ve had quite a few physical lifetimes.

Listening Within to your Soul Speak is the way to receive reliable messages from your spirit guides, higher self and other powerful sources. If you want to advice on whether to go to India or Scotland for your next holiday you first start by thinking and feeling the two different options and then move into a meditation and listen within.


IF, you get words in your head or negative feelings – ask them to leave. There are 9 non-physical being to 1 physical human being in this 3D reality we’re residing in (see Sandie Gustus book: Less Incomplete: A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition Beyond the Physical Body). The non-physical beings crave communication and feed off energy. (If you’re currently unaware of this – please read my blog here!).

WAIT for the energy feeling within your heart. The feeling only speaks the truth.

This feeling of true SOUL SPEAK will be uplifting, informative and encompassed in peace. That’s how your soul, your infinite being will communicate with you.

Many of us spiritual seekers stumble up on this form of communication and, at first, are often judgemental and doubtful that what we’re really feeling and knowing is real. But I assure you that – YES – this is a different type of communication that we have in the physical world.

And if you know this fact you’ll be much more prepared for the upcoming journey of expanding consciousness.