In 1985 I was awakened.

I remember the moment clearly. I was standing outside and suddenly felt AWAKE. That might sound weird because in mundane language being awake is the physical reality in which you’re reading these words. Yet, this feeling of being awake was different…. like a lightbulb turned on in my being.

From that moment onwards I wanted more PEACE, LOVE AND  JOY within my beingness, and so I became a SEEKER. Now as a seeker I looked for ways to get these juicy good vibes in my life. At first I stumbled through the process and found myself in situations that shifted old sabotaging patterns. Quite the adventure. Yet, I found myself absolutely loving this new journey because with each shifting of old patterns of thought, emotions and beliefs I was LIGHTER… and by geepers, that feeling is awesome. So I kept going on this delightful journey.



It seems coincidence that I was sitting in nature reflecting and contemplating… before the awakening. Time didn’t seem to exist during those times… I would ride my bike to the lake and just sit there – in nothingness.

Or I would go for a walk in the field and just BE in nothingness. It was like this empty knowing/feeling inside of me – and we would have many a conversation – not words though – in feeling, in knowing. I remember writing poems – as I called them back then – but as I look at them now I see that I was channeling my Higher Self as they coaxed me to expand consciousness.

After the official awakening my life took an immediate turn.

I ventured into activities I would not have thought about before such as martial arts, chi gong, and Reiki.

I often sat with the NOTHINGNESS inside me.

The inner exploration snowballed and I studies scientific theories in counselling and psychology (during my University degrees) only to find the information similar to Lazaris material. (Lazaris, a channelled entity). Was Lazaris copying science? Or is this knowledge for the world to know?

Then I wrote a book called, Healing the Planet from Within.

I can truly say this book was channelled from my Higher Self as it explores areas of personal development to expand consciousness. Years later the same information is travelling the world to expand consciousness worldwide.



The steps I was guided to follow to expanded consciousness are:

  1. Inner Reflection & Contemplation
  2. Self-Awareness – this is where PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT comes into play. Awareness of the Personal Signature Pattern and the Personal Template dictated by social constructs including beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotions.
  3. Choosing ON PURPOSE thoughts, attitudes, feelings, emotions and beliefs.
  4. Meditational trance states.
  5. Recognising truth from reality, and observing the deeper meaning of existence

These steps sometimes flows in this order, while at other times they fluctuate between eachother… each step strategically flows to expand consciousness.

As consciousness expands you’ll notice your life flowing with ease and joy, random synchronicity moments, deep insights and knowing, feelings of love, peace and joy, equanimity and conscious choice making.

It’s absolutely brilliant!

In my book, Healing the Planet from Within, and the Ultimate Personal Development Workbook which was made to accompany the book, you’ll delve into areas such as:

  • Thought Awareness and knowing that your thoughts do not make you who you are, observe thoughts and do not react to them,
  • Recognising sabotaging Core Beliefs and transmuting them,
  • Observing sabotaging patterns and transforming them,
  • Recoognising other people’s habitual patterns and not taking them personally,
  • Knowing your emotional patterns, shifting into positivity. (I ended up writing books on Positivity too).
  • Activating positivity on purpose, when you need.

The books are a clear path to expand consciousness.


BE aware in the moment that whatever you’re thinking, believing and feeling is creating your reality.

Non-attachement and observance is the key to flowing into expanded consciousness.

Love what you do. Give your gift to the world.

Choose different states of consciousness… moving from negativity to positivity.

Smile when you meditate.


Healing the Planet from Within is the title of my book because…

Well, if everyone on the planet made a consciousness choice to expand… the world would be a different place. It’s time to step up people – you the reader. Read more about why I’m using the title Healing the Planet from Within by clicking here.

JOIN THE EXPANSION MOVEMENT today and dive into the juicy goodness of untangling yourself from your personal matrix, activating positivity and healing all aspects of your being.

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Healing the Planet from Within