Everything falls into place perfectly.clive walters - sacred geometry

Have you ever noticed that? When you’re following your Soul Path the energies align perfectly to your needs.

For instance, today I arrived in a new town. I stopped at the local Information Centre – as you do – and after a few minutes of gathering information about the area I asked where a good place was to eat. Now, the lovely lady here couldn’t give me any information about local work (their not allowed to) nor about any Indigenous communities or culture in the area, but I did learn about the amazing touristy spots (which is great and all, but not really my focus). So, with a stack of flyers and pamphlets I bound over to the little cafe she told me was a great spot to eat.

It was the BEST place in town!

Sitting and munching, at a small round higher than usual table, I look at the regular sized square table to my left and there sits a man drawing a VERY DETAILED sacred geometry picture. I mean, this was layered in different geometry shapes of all sorts…. and so I ask, “Did you draw that from scratch? Just out of your mind?” And he answers “yes” and that he’s been doing this for years… psychics have told him that it’s from the Loran Evoltuion in the 6th dimension.

sacred geometryCool, right?

And so I mention what I’m doing… travelling North-er…. and that I’m looking for a place to stay the night and seasonal work. He gives me a biodynamic farmer’s number and whammo!… I camped at someone’s property where they practice biodynamic farming!

So, within 15 minutes of being in town… I have a wonderful place to camp the night.

And what a delight!

Clive Walters showed me around his studio Mandala Magick where the energies were pumping with POWER! Sacred Geometry, singing bowls, crystals, magic wands and so much more were alive in this magical place.

I stayed on the property for one peaceful night, and then in the morning felt this magnetic pull to go North-er once again!

Clive is a fellow seeker and it was a delight to connect with him. I’m sure our paths will cross again.