𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙚𝙣𝙚𝙧𝙜𝙮 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜? People all over the world are starting to talk about energy healing, but what exactly is it? Is it good for you?

You might be reading my blog because you saw an energy healer talking about energy healing on Facebook or YouTube, and you’re curious because they claim it can help people heal their bodies or minds. I’m glad you’re here!

Let’s take a look at how energy healing works and whether it can help you with your healing needs.

What is Energy?

To begin with, the general assumption in energy healing is that everything, including our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, are made of energy. In fact, everything in the universe is made of energy, including the chair you’re sitting in.

Every day we feel energy. The easiest way to understand that is by referring to feelings and emotions. When we experience a negative emotion it feels heavier in our body and can make us feel lethargic, unwell and overall terrible. In energy healing modalities we call this, “heavy energy”.

When heavy energy becomes trapped in our physical bodies, it causes a specific vibration in that area of the body. For example, if anger becomes trapped in the liver, a person will experience liver problems. This is a common way of thinking in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Pranic Healing practices.

How does Energy Healing work?

An intuitive energy healer who is experienced and skilled is trained to see/feel the stuck energy that is causing the client’s physical, mental, and emotional problems. They know a variety of techniques to assist them in tuning into the trapped energy.

When trapped energy is released, the physical body has the ability to heal itself and correct any emotional or mental ailments. The level of success with healing depends upon the energy healer’s ability to work through the layers of complexities as well as the client’s willingness to accept the healing and the positive changes in mindset, health, life and lifestyle.

For instance, if the problem has been present for many years or if it runs in the family, there are many layers of healing that must be completed. Because they are under time constraints, many energy healers are unable to go deeply into healing and unravel the layers. Instead they rush through it with techniques that are not all that helpful.

Types of Healing

There are many positive energy healing techniques and different types of energy healers.

  • In ancient Japan, Reiki Energy Healing was a popular form of healing in ancient Japan. We became acquainted with it in our Western world thanks to Mikao Usui Sensei.
  • Pranic Healing is said to originate in ancient India.
  • Shamanic healing which has origins around the world.
  • Emotion Code, which is fairly new compared to the others.
  • Spirit Guide Healings which is performed by a medium who talks directly with your Spirit Guides.
  • Psychic Healing which is a way of connecting to the client’s energy system.

What is Energy Healing?

To sum up, energy healing is a way of working with the energies of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There are many different styles of energy healers and they each carry a particular ability according to their training, experience and daily practices.

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