When comparing the similarities and differences of Pranic Healing vs Reiki, it’s critical to consider the facts and history of both energy healing practices. We’ll start with pranic healing before moving on to the true history of Reiki and how it evolved through Mikao Usui’s spiritual practices. It is clear that both energy healing practices have spiritual roots that expand one’s consciousness. Overall, energy healing is a centuries-old healing modality that has been used to bring harmony and balance to the human body’s energy system, which includes the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Before we can understand Energy Healing, we must first understand Prana/Chi/Ki, the Vital Life Force or Energy found within the bodies of all living things. Prana is known to be Mental in nature, and is the Energy of the Universe’s Mind. It is the Universal Energy that creates our world, our bodies and everything we know to be true. Prana is not the air that we breathe, but Pranic breathing increases the Prana in our bodies. When we compare Pranic Healing vs Reiki we can see that both healing modalities work with this Vital Life Force, but what’s the difference between the two?


Pranic Energy Healing is a type of Prana Treatment that originated in India’s Vedic literature whereby Prana (energy) is sent to the affected parts either releasing trapped energy or stimulating the cells and tissue to normal activity. In the book “The Science of Psychic Healing” Yogi Ramacharaka (1909) stated, “The general principles of pranic healing rest on the fact that prana (energy) may be transferred or transmitted from one person to another, in many ways.”

Pranic Energy Healing is based on the concept that your body is a self-protective, self-healing, and self-repairing system. When the toxic energy is released, there will be nothing to stop the body from healing. The trained pranic healer can direct energy purely with their focused intention.

The most common method of pranic healing is to stimulate the affected body part by directing a current of prana through the hands. Prana can also be sent to the client or area of need through a focused thought form. This is a more advanced technique.


Reiki healing has similar practices, depending on the practitioner. Sensei Usui is known as the founder of Reiki in the Western world, but Reiki was a common form of energy healing in Japan at that time.

Reiki also uses a hands-off method where by the practitioner transfers Ki into the needed areas, and the Ki is also said to flow to other areas of the body intuitively where needed.

 ‘Usui-sensei told that his method is an energy healing technique. Spiritual healing brings fundamental healing by helping us to become part of the universal consciousness, while energy healing centers around removing the symptoms of mind and body disorders.’

Mikao Usui had been a Tendai Buddhist his entire life. He entered a Tendai Buddhist monastery at the age of four and studied the Buddha’s teachings for the rest of his life. He also studied and advanced in martial arts and other ancient Japanese techniques. He was well-known for his expertise and was held in high regard by other well-known martial artists of the time. Usui was friends with many spiritually advanced men and women.

Usui frequently practised a 21-day meditation, which was a common Buddhist practice. In Tendai Buddhism, this type of spiritual discipline is known as ‘Lotus Repentance Meditation,’ and it is a rigors spiritual training process. According to his memorial, this used to happen on Mount Kurama. 

Usui taught his Spiritual method, which is based on the Five Precepts, on how to live a proper life, heal yourself, and emphasise health and happiness. These concepts are critical to Usui’s method. The spiritual teachings are Buddhist in nature and include some very old Shinto energy practises. They were designed to accommodate any student, regardless of religion or belief.


Both pranic healing and Reiki believe that:

  • All healers are channels of expression through which the natural forces and energies flow.
  • Healing can be conducted with a hands-off method.
  • Prana/Ki is universal energy
  • Energy can get stuck and stagnant in the body causing illness and disease.
  • Energy can be stimulated and moved so that the body can return to health.
  • Both Pranic Healing and Reiki have ancient origins.
  • They both have distinct schools of thought in which students learn from teachers with diverse perspectives and experiences. Hence, one can learn different ways of performing Reiki and Pranic healing.


The differences between Pranic Healing vs Reiki are that the two types of healing modalities can be seen more so in the practitioner’s experience and knowledge of energy, rather than in the style.

For instance, one can learn a very powerful form of Reiki and have dedicated practices that builds up one’s knowledge and experience. Or one can learn the watered down version and pretend to be a Reiki healer while sitting on the couch watching soap operas. Same goes true for pranic healers.

An example:

MARTIAL ARTISTS HAVE BETTER COMMAND OF PRANA: Someone who has been practising martial arts for a few years, for example, has a better understanding of the Prana/Ki and how it flows in their body. When I was in my twenties, I had this firsthand experience while receiving a Shiatsu massage from a dedicated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artist (of the true martial art styles). After the massage, he had so much energy flowing through his body that he could direct it at my stomach and move it up and down. Literally move my internal organs! Imagine being healed by someone with that ability. 😉

DEDICATED YOGIS CAN DIRECT ENERGISED THOUGHT: Some energy healers are less concerned with Prana/Ki/Chi and instead prefer to meditate, which naturally improves their ability to direct Energized Thought to the area in need. This level of healing occurs after years of dedicated meditation in which the mind is focused. Of course, there is more to be said about this.

Which one should you choose: Pranic Healing or Reiki?

Both methods are beneficial, but it all comes down to the healer’s ability, knowledge, and experience. For example, you could come across a really good Reiki practitioner one week and then come across one that isn’t so good the next. There are some excellent pranic healers among us, as well as some who have no idea what they are doing.

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