Your body is made of energy. In fact, in the HeartMind Institute they dive more deeply into this saying,

“You are made of light. DNA molecules in the nucleus of your cells absorb, store, and emit quantum particles of light known as biophotons. Biophotons convey energy and information throughout your body, fueling the biofield, promoting homeostasis, and enlightening awareness.”

In Sadhana (India) and Reiki practices and the goal is to “enlighten” the body and mind by transforming, transmuting and clearing stuck emotions and negative patterns in the body and mind.

Qigong practices (China) move the energy through the body gently, with ease, with the purpose of clearing stuck and stagnant energies in the body. It is believed that when emotions and feelings become stuck in the body they create illness and disease of both body and mind.

Most recently Dr. Bradley Nelson designed an easy-to-use program called Emotion Code that uses muscle testing for finding stuck emotions in the body from this lifetime, emotionally inherited emotions and past lifetimes. To release them he suggests using the Governing Meridian.

All of the above practices are ancient energy practices and are not associated with any religions. They are there to gift us knowledge of how to heal our body and and mind for easier living.