It seemingly is a trap when you become unaware of the system you’re in and how it dictates your every thought and feelings. When this happens life becomes more like a jail as you get pulled here and there, and then finally learn how to form the system around you according to what the system feeds you. It’s messed up.

In my project Healing the Planet from Within I refer to a Personal Template. Robert Munroe talks about the core beliefs in his book Ultimate Journey. Robert Munroe is an out-of-body explorer. His book inspire people to see the world outside of this system.

“What happens is that some become so locked up in a belief system that they never come back here, not even during sleep.” Page 174. “Their belief system is all they have to hold onto. So they go where they think there is some kind of security.” page 175

Robert Munroe Ultimate Journey

From what I’ve seen and experienced there are a few systems in place. The one immediately around you is the personal template. You start building this through your childhood from what people around you share with you such as their thought patterns, emotional patterns, beliefs and behaviours. They role play what life is like, and you start copying it.

I could as bold to say that some people bring into this lifetime another template according to the lessons they want to experience, and what they carry from past lifetimes.

Then there is the template from society; and its conglomerate of social constructs. These, of course, impact on our personal template and influence it in every minute of the day – if we’re not watching carefully!

The first time I became aware of this personal template is during a training session as a counsellor for people who had addictions and were having a hard time in life. They were told about the personal template in such a simple way. The personal template influences your life, so if you’re unaware of it you may have done some things in life on automatic pilot, then later you can look back at things with your new wisdom and choose different actions. After all, we can only act in the moment with the knowledge and experience we have in that moment. When we learn over time, so might choose differently.

I like to take this one step further and go for a deep dive into the personal template I have that is causing sabotaging patterns of negativity. By following the negative thoughts and pain deep down inside oneself you usually find a core belief. By observing that core belief you can analyse and discern its purpose in your life in the moment, and chose to transform it to a belief that better serves you. Life then automatically changes and shifts in a positive way. I’ve witnessed this in myself and others.

healing the Planet from Within book

To deepen your reflection, the next step is to choose not to create any more beliefs and to pick part any belief systems. Then you go beyond the belief system and have more freedom in life. It’s as if you’ve just stepped out of the jail that was holding you down.

If you’re so far lost down the rabbit hole…. “What happens is that some become so locked up in a belief system that they never come back here, not even during sleep.” Page 174…… you’re lost to your true identity, your multi-dimensional, unlimited and expansive self.

Hence, my inspiration and motivation for my project Healing the Planet from Within. Imagine if everyone around knew how to change their personal template, and create a life they love. I see a world when this happens.