Meditation in its many forms has positively changed my life.Meditation for Anxiety Healing the Planet from Within1

It was over 22 years ago when I first came across the idea of meditation through Reiki. The deep peaceful relaxation feeling I experienced through Reiki was something unlike I’ve ever felt.

You see, with anxiety I was more familiar with an unsettling, stressed, adrenalin feeling in my body. I didn’t understand how to relax or even feel at peace.

That’s one reason why I now call anxiety my superpower because it forced, pushed and propelled me forward to becoming a Seeker of Higher Consciousness.

But to BE in the present moment started off feeling very uncomfortable. I used to say, “I just can’t sit still I’m such a busy body.” So, I did moving meditation – walking in the forest or on the beach. A reflective trance state was so very healing for me.

During these reflective, silent times I would have long conversations with my spirit guides and receive guidance about questions I had in life. I learned how to feel the energies of the different realities and dimensions around us. I also practiced Swaying Willow Chi Gong and learned a spontaneous Chi Gong style.

As a Reiki Master Teacher I used the traditional energy exercises to uplift my energies to a higher resonance. Any moving meditation suited me perfectly.

Conscious Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions

Most importantly, I was developing a whole new relationships with my thoughts and emotions. I did a Counseling and Psychology Degree and learned how Cognitive Therapy educates clients about how their mental processes can trigger uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety and depression.

I did thought journalling and started becoming aware of the ruminating negative thoughts in my mind. I became so good at observing them that I started to label them as “an old familiar friend” and would laugh when one popped into my head. I also learned how to get strict towards the bad thoughts and told them very sternly, sometimes with nasty swear words, to STOP and go the duck away.

Learning how to observe incoming thoughts and feelings, to accept them but not be attached to or react to them is a valuable Mindfulness Meditation process that is widely used in many areas such as Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy, Buddhist and Yoga practices. Everyone has their very own set of habitual thought patterns whether they be based in feelings of self-criticism, unworthiness, not good enough, sadness, regret, fear and so on.

Meditation for Anxiety Relief

When you learn meditation for anxiety you gain valuable life skills to observe all that’s in your mind and then how to consciously activate an uplifting feeling of positivity. You can choose to feel joyful, peaceful, grateful, loved, inspired, fascinated, proud, awe…. And that instantly takes you out of feeling anxious. It’s just not possible to be anxious in feelings of positivity.

Sure some thoughts still pop up quite ferociously and catch me off guard. But now I have strategies to deal with them, including awareness of my physical body.

Meditation for Anxiety ReliefOnly someone who knows how debilitating a constant thread of anxiety in life is would understand how exhilarating it is to feel in control of my life. I have the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to work with my mind and no longer need to suffer from anxiety, experience crash times and deep seated feelings of unworthiness. I can choose to create my reality in every moment.

I’m grateful. Anxiety is truly my superpower.

It has launched me into the most amazing adventures as I propel myself through the cravings of a more expanded way of living. But then, I could also say that meditation is my superpower!

For you, my beloved reader, all you have to do is start one step at a time like I did so many years ago. Lucky for you you don’t have to go it alone like I did. I can teach you in easy bite sized steps how to put in place effective meditation techniques to shift your anxiety habits to create a world of peace, happiness and deep satisfaction.

Today, I’m writing this as I sit in India attending a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course at the age of 50. I just finished a 9 day Vipassana Meditation course in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. I’ve been to the Philippines and did a Naturopathy, Meditation and Detox Training course for 30 days, where I experienced first hand how sattvic food, fasting and chanting deepens meditation.

I would not be able to do these things had not taken control of my anxiety, as it used to be controlling my life.

Learn How to Meditate healing the planet from within

A young psychic friend of mine described my way of working with people as “you match people’s potential resonate frequency and then get them to be there”. It was the first time I heard it spoken out out loud.

I consider myself to be an eclectic shamanic-style Empath. I have the power to feel someone’s energy vibration and then hold space for then to step into an uplifting energetic frequency. This process, if someone is flowing in this, steps them into their unique full power for that time and space. It comes naturally to me as much as brushing your teeth in the morning.

In my spiritual practice I go by the Sanskrit name of Santosha, which came to me in a meditation before my journey to the Philippines. It means “contentment” – an energy I’d like to absorb.

For all my followers I’m offering you a bite size sessions on Zoom. In these sessions I’ll tune into your vibrational essence and teach you simple meditation techniques that you can actively use every day to relieve anxiety.

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