Auroville invites all those who dream of a better humanity and a better world.

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……..But my experience of Auroville was not like this.

I went to Auroville information centre to get information on accommodation. Sure, there is accommodation in Auroville but it’s very expensive – even in the low season. I couldn’t afford to stay there.

I’m not sure how high prices encourages a better community?… and a better world?

It actually forced me to stay elsewhere.

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On my first day in Auroville I met a fellow who is an original land owner of the area. He’s an Indian fellow. He told me about the constant war that’s going on between him and the Aurovillians because they want to buy the last piece of land that he owns. But it’s his only place to live – it’s his home. There’s certainly no deep peace within the community.

I met a few of the Aurovillians who have lived there for years. It seems as though they’ve become very set in their ways with the way things should or should not be done. They seem to know the best too. To me it seems that such massive egos in a community could cause much friction even between the Aurovillians.

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The Auroville bakery has some yummy goodies though. At least that’s nice.

My accommodation (outside of Auroville) recommended that I  book to do a tour that goes into the Matrimandir.

I’m glad I did this.

It was a very controlled group tour.

People walked in a line around the pathway – following the leader.

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We walked in a line through the Matrimandir and around the outer edges of the dome where we were instructed to sit.

While I was sitting I heard a high pitched noise in my head – my ears were not receiving the noise – it was inside my head. I have heard this type of thing happening to people before they astral travel. Fascinating.

I enjoyed seeing the huts and lovely buildings on the few properties I visited. I couldn’t afford to stay in any of them – but it was nice to see them.

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Overall, Auroville is an interesting place but I fear it has lost its community vibe. The people who own property there seemingly are money hungry and are in a more business mindset about getting rich.

OR, perhaps they are struggling for money and so put the prices high? Hhmm….

Aurovillians are part of an exclusive club and they receive discounts or help and support from other Aurovillians.

But it takes time to become part of this exclusive community and only if you abide by their rules.

They don’t seem to be kind or even acknowledge the Indigenous people of the land either – according to the Indian man I met.img 20190927 1258364934547854996378984

It’s worth a look if you happen to be that way – but definitely not worth travelling to for the sole purpose of seeing it.

I was very disappointed with my discoveries, but I made two very lovely friends at my accommodation outside of Auroville.