berry springs sign

Berry Springs Nature Reserve. Give yourself about 45 minutes to drive South from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia to reach this beautiful destination of Berry Springs.

Take a day to explore the Berry Springs Nature Reserve which is absolutely stunning! This is an ideal tourist destination that you don’t want to miss.

You can walk to the main pool or lower pool or you can swim between both pools enjoying the sights as you float.

berry springs pool 4

Crocodiles live in the waters in the Northern Territories so you’ll see crocodile WARNING SIGNS that tell you to be croc aware as you swim. I’ve seen a few tourists read the sign and then decide not to swim – until they see a few others in the water and then think it’s okay.

crocodile safety at berry springs

BUT, the park has a crocodile management plan which reduces the risk of saltwater crocs to be in the area. I wonder how they do this? Do they check the water every morning for crocodiles? Or let the tourists do the checking. I’ve seen a woman swim alone in the water at first light – 6am or so – and wondered to myself if the water was scanned already.

crocodile management at berry springs

Yet, many people come from far and near to spend a day at the Berry Springs Nature Park and enjoy a lovely picnic under the many shady trees and then hop in the water when the weather gets too hot – it’s ALWAYS hot this far North it seems!

Such a pretty place!

berry springs pool

The water was sooooo clear that I could zoom in and get a great picture of a fish – who was also enjoying the water along with the tourists.


Even I managed to tip my toes in the water!

The Berry Springs Nature Reserve is less than an hour drive South from Darwin and is one of my favourite places because of the lovely shady spots to have lunch as well as the clear waters of both pools that you can float or swim between while enjoying all the sights of nature.

BTW – THIS is where I bought a BLUE NOODLE (floatation device). They sell them here at the kiosk! And I was so relieved that they did because I had visited a few beautiful spots now where people – yes, even adults – had NOODLES to float with down the rivers or through the pools. Finally I have one of my own. 🙂