I love Rishikesh, India!

It’s a spiritual place with high energy vibes and plenty of yoga, meditation, and cleansing practices focused on reaching enlightenment. My entire life journey was clarified and confirmed when I was in Rishikesh.

What did I do in Rishikesh?

I petted, cuddled and fed many cows!

I was in Rishikesh for 3.5 months and so I had plenty of time to explore. The most fascinating thing to do in Rishikesh is wait for synchronicities to occur.

Truly! For instance, if you didn’t have anything to do that day you would just wander down to the main town with your heart centre in focus and see where you feet took you and who you ran in to! I had the most fascinating experiences doing that.

The power of Rishikesh generates whatever vibration you are vibrating! Soooooo, if you were carrying a heavy emotion you would attract that experience. If you were chanting through town (like I often was) you would attract joyful, uplifting moments.

Everyday in Rishikesh

Everyday in Rishikesh came with the opportunity to attend a yoga class, do your own meditation near the Mother Ganga, Jai Mother, or at the Kriya Yoga Meditation Hall, and have your choice of South Indian, North Indian or Western food.

The Amazing People!

Every day in Rishikesh had delightful moments of connecting with amazing people. Synchronicity was the talk of every traveller, as they occurred daily.

For me, my highlight was connecting with the lovely people at the AdiYog Peeth Yoga School, and the very lovely locals in Upper Tapovan, and the spiritual places I could sit in a meditate.

Oh! I also looooooved the clothes!! My favourite is a Kirtan, which is a long women’s shirt. Pictured to the right is my favourite simple cotton lavender coloured kirtan. Very comfortable and even cool in the heat.

I’m very keen to go back and spend more time in Rishikesh, but also see more of South India. I haven’t yet been to Goa, Kerela or Vrindovan.

I have friends in Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Rishikesh. I’m looking forward to seeing them all again!

I love India!