For the past two years I’ve been exploring lucid dreaming, OOBE and astral projection books, videos, and techniques. There’s been no routine with it, but instead the knowledge base has permeated throughout my entire life and mindset. The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed some interesting developments in my dreams. I’m becoming lucid.

i am dreaming - lucidity - santosha - healing the planet from within

One night I was having an awesome dream watching a performance. Then the glass broke and water flooded in. Have you ever watched a movie when water flooded in and the actors are struggling for their life trying to find a way out or catch the last breath of air?  Okay, well, for a split second this was me. HOW WOULD I SURVIVE?  That’s when I recalled hey, “I am Dreaming” and so “I can breathe under water”. And so I did. Er, rather, I just didn’t need to breathe. The astral body doesn’t need air because it’s a spirit body.

The fear throughout my being dissipated immediately. I was fascinated watching that happen. Going from a fear state, to a…….

Uh. I’m not sure what state was next. The insight that came that I was dreaming was more of a “common sense” kind of thing rather than a LIGHT BULB MOMENT of realisation. So, although I was lucid I didn’t do anything with that new awareness.

This is a great indication of where my spiritual development and personal development currently is. So, now in daily life I challenge that limited mindset.

RIGHT NOW…. what would be my ideal situation? What do I really want in life?

I’m bringing this new awareness into my daily life, as best I can with the knowledge I currently have.

Whenever I experience fear or anxiety about a situation I remind myself “This is a dream”….

which technically all life is a dream – an energetic system made for us so that we can experience a limited reality.

But that’s beside the point.

So, in my daily waking life (when my body is awake too) I  remind myself of this current dream state – which in turn reminds me that nothing is permanent and I have full choice in each moment of what I’m experiencing.  I’m trying to deepen this concept even more every day. I look around where I’m standing and ask myself:

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • What would I prefer to feel?
  • How could I create better?
  • What do I really want right now?

IN a night time dream, when the physical body sleeps, I watched myself doing something very mundane. It was boring and dull. I woke up and wrote in my diary the next morning. I wondered why I was doing something so dull.

But now that I’m watching my daily life I see that I’m doing mundane boring things here too!! I get this LUCID MOMENT and find myself walking down the dull rainy street is a very boring and uninspiring environment.

If I am capable of changing this reality what would be my ideal situation?

What do I want to create in my life right now?

When I said this in a DREAM (physical body sleeping) I don’t do anything. My dreams kinda stop. At that moment of lucidity I could DO ANYTHING I wanted to do because in the astral realm we are not limited.

  • You can fly.
  • Talk to your spirit guides.
  • Visit your favourite destination.
  • Learn a different language.
  • Go back in time and train with the shamans.

But instead my dream stops…. or gets blurred….fuzzy…

DREAM YOGA: Now that I realise this limitation of mindset that I’m challenging myself to use my feelings, emotions and thoughts to feel into what I want to create in my life. My IDEAL REALITY.

What really makes my heart sing?

How can I expand my life further?

How can I expand my consciousness?

How can I become so lucidly attuned to each and every present moment that I’m so deeply in love, filled with joy and enveloped with peace????

What would make your heart sing? And how are you creating your reality?