Poor Me Mindset | Create Your Destiny

A close encounter with the poor me and lack mindset. How will it create a young boy’s destiny?

It’s interesting to observe the different mindsets in children when teaching ESL English. Each child has a different experience of the activity due to their mindset. Some children are grateful, while others feel as though they’re not getting enough, some feeling like their not doing good enough, while others dive in with hope, some just quietly go about their business…. they’re all different.

It’s absolutely fascinating how one activity, such as colouring a paper doll or drawing dollar signs in a grid, can be dramatically different for different children according to their mindset. I find it fascinating to observe.


One lesson I asked the children (my Grade 1 class in China) to draw lines on a page, and then more lines the other way. They made squares. The squares on the right hand side of the page were to be bigger so they could draw pictures of what they wanted to buy with the money. Then we drew dollar$ symbols in the top squares and thought about what we wanted to buy with a small amount of money. It’s a simple concept to introduce money and spending to Grade One.

Some of the children drew many squares on their paper, but didn’t fill them all with $$…. leaving empty boxes. They just couldn’t be bothered to draw more money. Lazy perhaps?

Some of the children didn’t draw many squares and filled in the boxes, but couldn’t think of what to buy.

Some children only did as instructed – as I was drawing on the board….. while others got creative with it and drew many $$ and many things. While others copied the person next to them.

Every child was different than the other.


But one boy who comes from India, whom I’ll call Ravi for the blog’s purpose, drew $$ in all boxes and throughout the entire class kept drawing more and more $$. With a big smile he told me he would buy a plane and a boat too!

Some of the children were thinking of buying a rabbit, ice cream or an iPad. Ravi was the first child in the class to think BIG.


You’d think a boy who gets excited to draw dollar signs all over his page would have an abundance mindset, right?  That he’s be creating a destiny filled with riches and success!!

Unfortunately not. His current mindset says differently.

I’ve been observing this boy’s particular behaviours for a few months now. He is always obsessed with how the person next to him has “more than” him.

He’s so stuck in this POOR ME and LACK mindset to the extreme that he complained today how he didn’t have the same coloured pencils as the girl next to him. He waited and waited until she was done colouring so that he could use THAT pencil.  Yes, yes, you might say… poor guy doesn’t have his own pencils so he’s borrowing hers. That indeed was true at the beginning of the year, but he now has twice as many pencils than her – a larger case of coloured pencils. YET STILL – HE LACKS!

He continues this mindset throughout all activities and often stares at the child next to him for 5-10 minutes wondering why they have it better than him. He also complains to the teacher because he can’t do what the child next to him is doing because he doesn’t have the exact same thing as them.  It’s quite baffling, and his learning progress is slower than others because of it. Instead of applying himself to learning – he’s worried about not having enough.

How would this mindset create the boy’s destiny? How would this influence him in future? What would his energetic vibrations mangetise to him?

This is an interesting lesson for us adults.

Do we crave more money, yet are not grateful for what we do have?

Can we dream big, but on a day-to-day basis nurture a poor me mindset?

The poor me  and lack of mindset is something I think many people have woven throughout their core beliefs. If we didn’t have this then there wouldn’t be so many self-help books and blogs on YOUR MINDSET CREATES YOUR DESTINY. I have even seen it in my Personal Template in a variety of situations as it’s intertwined with the narcissist pattern – which you can read more about here.

This boy’s example and his demonstration of the poor me mindset is a good lesson.

How many people in the world wish they had more? More money. More things. A better relationship. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve your life – in fact, it’s healthy. BUT, if you’re stuck in a “lack of” or “poor me mindset” – you simply won’t be able to make the positive changes you desire.

Hence, it’s very important to maintain MINDFULNESS throughout the day. Observe your thoughts. Perhaps even start a thought diary. And try to pick up which thought pattern….is creating a stuck energetic vibration… and is keeping you stuck.


Watch those thoughts! It’s an enjoyable journey… especially when you get to that delicious LIGHT BULB MOMENT and go AHA! … I see you pesky thought pattern… and you flick the switch and change it to something empowering…. improve your life.

Personal development is such an enjoyable journey!