This land has a voice.

When walking the land with Elders notice the interactions between the Elder and the ancestors of the

rainbow coloured sands 3

Indigenous Australian Native Title Land in Cape York, Queensland, Australia

land. When walking the land with Indigenous people pay attention to how they interact with the land and the spirit of the land.

Land has energy. It’s very alive. The rocks are alive. The trees are alive. The earth itself is alive, and has a voice. She speaks. The thing is, in the Western society, there is so much concrete that we don’t feel the energy of the land. And, we’re not told about it – so we don’t pay attention to it.

An Indigenous Elder friend of mine told me a story once about the land underneath the city. There were sacred Indigenous sites there once. Some of the land was power sites where initiations took place and some of the land is taboo areas if it was men’s business or women’s business and some of the land is where massacres occurred when the white man came.

cape york north australia

The city covers over all of these land areas without consideration to the energies of the land. Now the city has bad energy spots and that’s because that area of the city has a taboo site or a massacre happened there. But no one pays attention to that in the city. No one from the Western world that is.

The land has a voice. It speaks to us, and when we listen we hear the energies of the land and if it’s happy or upset. When we listen to the land we can hear the ancestors speaking to us. The ancestors have messages for us – guidance and knowledge.

When you’re walking the land pay attention. Listen with your heart and stay aware. Acknowledge the land and pay your respect.