I can never do anything right.

I can’t love myself because I’m not worthy of love.

I’m always running late.

I always have more than enough money to get by.

I see old patterns of thinking in the people around me. They repeat them every day to themselves either in their mind or out loud.

How do I know this?

Because their life remains the same and they’re feeling stuck. They feel as though these thought are their truth because it is what they were taught throughout their lives. These sabotaging thoughts have become so ingrained in their life that they became core beliefs.  The world around them mirrors back to them these so-called truths and they believe them even more.

In personal development coaching you are guided and encouraged to identify these sabotaging thoughts and then put in place strategies that change them to something more positive.

Imagine in your mind thoughts that are upbeat, supportive, encouraging and say I love you. How would you feel?

Hey, I’m doing great today!

I’m always safe and protected.

I am worthy of love and I love myself so much – unconditionally!

Money comes to me with ease.

I love my life!

How do I change my thoughts?

STEP ONE: The first step is to become aware of the habitual thought patterns. I recommend to start keeping a thought journal. And I seriously can’t say this enough! Trust me on this one. If you don’t write them down they are very difficult to grasp – because they keep moving around in your head. Lol.

So, take 5-10 minutes each day and write down your thoughts. No judgements. Just write the thoughts you are thinking in that time. Once you get started it becomes easier. At first you might struggle because you come across a thought that says, “Hey, this is weird!”, and then you stop writing and just laugh.

What do you do with these random thoughts? WRITE THEM DOWN TOO! Once you write them down your usual thoughts will start to come back.

After about a week or two you’ll have a diary of your habitual thought patterns AND are more aware of them in every day life.

STEP TWO: Now that you’re aware of them you need to try to catch the negative thoughts when they are happening. This is a challenging adventure! Thoughts have a funny way of hiding in the back of your mind, “You need to eat chocolate today. You’ll feel better.” And so you go and eat chocolate. BUT, if you want to lose weight or do a 2 week detox you’d need to remain very vigilant of these sneaky thoughts and say STOP to them – either in your mind or out loud.

Once you catch a negative thought say STOP, and then put a positive thought. It helps to write a list of the negative ones your mind goes through and a positive thought you want to replace. Of course, unless you can think positive on the spot?

This is a very powerful personal development tool that will certainly empower you to TURN THE LIGHT ON and see these old patterns of negative thinking and change your thoughts to feel more uplifted, energised, powerful, loved, confident, motivated, and all that juicy goodness.

Why am I so adamant about you feeling happy and satisfied?

Well, because I believe that if everyone on the planet started to change their thoughts from negative to positive and really REALLY started loving their life that it would sending an uplifting energy vibe across the planet – Healing the Planet from Within.