Oh what a pleasure it was to arrive at Platypus Creek Bush Camp! After driving for hours and hours and stopping at petrol stations or small towns it was a pleasure to see a bush camp. The sign out front was hugely welcoming with the promise of adventures.

platypus bush campWazza is the owner and a pretty darn good story teller. The environment is true bush with some pretty cool rugged huts and structures where you’ll find the office, toilets and showers (showers with only 3 walls – and then opening out into the bush).

Wazza at Platypus Creek Bush CampWazza has been on this property for over 25 years. He had a dog he calls “dog” and a cockatoo (can’t remember its name).

My tour of the property was quite enlightening with stories of when the entire property was under water, and the amount of daily maintenance involved in keeping the place.

Cockatoo at Platypus BushThe scenery is spectacular and many people come here in summer months to camp and swim. Luckily I’m here in the quiet season and there were only a few cars of German backpackers. (German backpackers seem to be every where! Lol.).

For me it was a perfect place to stop and unwind on my new journey. It certainly is not easy venturing out into unknown places all by yourself. Stopping here was a piece of paradise, and some actual peace. Very grateful.

platypus bush camp2I highly recommend visiting Wazza at Platypus Creek Bush Camp. It’s only a hour drive from the main city to get into a comfortable natural setting.

I spent time wandering in and around the creek beds and really soaking up the good vibes of nature here.

I enjoyed meeting the other travellers who were staying at the time too. This was a big eye opener for me… this new world of travellers.

It’s definitely on my list of places to return to.

platypus bush camp3