A few years ago I went to see the docs after experiencing dizzy spells on my walks. Everything seemed fine otherwise. The blood tests indicated that I had a sluggish thyroid (borderline hypothyroidism). With that knowledge in hand I started to research what to do with this new situation that was presented to me.

A goiter? I discovered goiters, and they’re quite ugly things. A big bulge growing from your neck. But that’s not the only symptom. All parts of the body’s systems can be affected.

A friend of mine suggested I start taking iodine as she was diagnosed with the same and had fixed herself by taking drops of iodine. So, I researched that next. The amount of iodine one adds to their diet can be crucial. Too much is detrimental… so the right dose is important. I take iodine daily now.

I also changed my diet. Absolutely NO soya products including soya milk, tofu and soy sauce. Also, NO cruciferous vegetables (the veggies that grow in a flower bundle) such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. The reason for the above is that they make the thyroid sluggish… and because it’s already sluggish it’s best to avoid those. I tested that theory for myself though. Once I ate a cream of cauliflower soup at the local restaurant. I slept every afternoon for at least an hour – for about 4-5 days after I ate that. I’ve been avoiding those foods like the plague since.

No sugar and no wheat either as they just seem difficult to digest and make the body more sluggish. I eat fish, chicken, kangaroo, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, rice, rice noodles, eggs … at times I had rye or oat bread but not at the moment. Supposedly 3 Brazil nuts gives the body a daily dose of selenium which is important. The diet is the most tricky thing to get right… but certainly more so when you’re on the road. I carry around a nice mix of dried fruit and nuts… but also have rice and rice noodles… I also have a packet of chicken flavoured rice that’s waaay to processed for this purpose of regaining health.

I’ve also recently added some Maca powder which is supposed to help balance out the hormones and give you more energy. It feels nice in my body. I also love the feel of liquid chlorophyll as it seems to alkaline my system with a refreshing, uplifting bounce. 🙂

In the past 3 months I went off the diet a bit – I felt fantastic and just enjoyed life – but now the docs said I had a small goiter growing. It’s not noticeable unless I mention it. I also worked with heavy chemicals in the past few months and I believe this is more to the reason why my body is really out of wack.

So, I started my travelling to North Australia with a heavy heart – because I really thought I had this thing licked. For a few years I felt much better. Yet, it seems, this could be a lifetime health issue to deal with.

What I’ve learned is that it’s absolutely necessary to eat PURE and not processed foods. Not boxed, fried or processed in a factory before it gets to you. It would be lovely to find a little permaculture community that grows their fruit and veggies and meat fresh… and then see how much my body recovers.

As I have healed another rather large physical symptom by working with herbs and by altering the core belief system…. I plan to dive more deeply into this one and see what patterns of thought and emotions… and CORE beliefs…. are creating this symptom in my body. At the moment I believe it is because I’m not true to myself… that I’m not fully 100% being my true self… and choosing actions in the moment that are true to myself.

However, a shaman once told me that it’s because I judge others in my thoughts. I also judge myself.

A friend of mine has told me to reduce my stress levels too. It must be in my patterning… anxiety… I’ll have to knock that one on the head. Going bush is definitely a good way to go!

Lots of things to contemplate!

On the road again….

FEBRUARY 2021 NOTE: If you landed on this blog, please read the one where my thyroid was healed. In January 2021 I got another blood tests and my thyroid is still in good health. Then, please look for my blogs on Emotion Code and Shamanic Healing. 😉