cassories at wallaman falls 1Waterfalls are breathtaking sites and Wallaman Falls is certainly one of them. Travelling with my new friend we made a morning trip of seeing the highest peaked waterfalls in Queensland. After winding narrow roads along the mountainside we come to the top of the mountain to see spectacular views!

I was quite excited to see a road sign warning of Cassowaries on the road because I’ve only seen them in zoos before. Much to my disappointment we didn’t see one.

(However, later in my Journey you’ll see me accidentally feeding a young Cassowary who comes out of the bush to eat my leftovers!).wallaman falls top 1

Someone told me that, due to the dry weather at the moment, the waterfalls might not be running… yet someone else told me that it’s running all year ’round. So, I was glad to see water! 🙂

Here’s a picture from the top of Wallaman Falls. It’s quite impressive. It’s the first waterfalls I’m seeing on this journey, and so far the biggest one I’ve seen in Australia.

We walked 30 minutes down the steep ledge to the bottom of the waterfalls.

It was truly a spectular journey down as we walked in Tropical North Queensland bush. However, this is a tourist destination so the path was well trodden and less chances of seeing poisonous snakes along the way!

trekking down to the bottom of wallaman falls 1

And it was worth it. Signs at the top of the waterfalls warned not to get too close to the water due to slippery rocks, but I thought “hey, I’d love to at least put my feet in the water” and so we started walking closer to the falls… but then we were stopped in our tracks.

Both of us, highly attuned to the energies of sacred sites, we felt a sense of fear. This fear was warning us that this land was sacred and, if we continued, would suffer the consequences.

We turned around and sat on the rocks.wallaman falls bottom 1

Interestingly, we observed two different groups of people – one person sat at the exact spot where we stopped – and another went a couple of metres further – BOTH turned around and didn’t venture further.

As tempting as going to the water is, the land is protected and guarded here.

There are SACRED SITES across Australia, so if you’re not sure ask local Traditional Indigenous Owners.

(Later note: As you’ll see in my journey through India that the sacred sites and land are very well known and respected by the people in India. Many of them with protectors and guardians of the physical human nature.)

I definitely recommend turning on your Intuitive and Psychic abilities when walking on country in Australia. Truly, it’s for your own safety!