Why have I been guided to use this phrase Healing the Planet from Within for the title of my book?

The title actually popped into my mind quite persistently while I was writing this book, and I questioned it. Yet, as I got deeper into spirituality I realised the truth behind this powerful phrase.

You see, inside of you exists the entire universe. Inside of you is bigger than outside of you. You are infinite, expansive and multi-dimensional. Your physical body is only a vehicle for you to explore physical reality and limitations. It’s an interesting experience being on earth as a physical person. There’s nothing else like it.

“Inside of you is bigger than outside of you.

You are infinite, expansive and multi-dimensional.”

So, to heal, er rather expand, you need to go within… where all the power is.

That’s where you create.

Does the planet need healing? Well, there are many beliefs on this… but they’re all locked into the matrix of this reality. The planet actually doesn’t exist in a physical form… she’s pure energy… just like you.

So, what this “healing” all about?

Well, the matrix of this reality is going through a shift into higher energies. What we’re doing as conscious beings is asking for expansion – expanding consciousness. We are ready to become aware of the truth of what we are.

In order to shift through the fog of this physical reality we need to see the matrix of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, judgements and feelings for what they are. Rather than being caught up in the drama of it all.

To do this we need turn a light on – this is what we, in the mundane world, have referred to as “healing”. It’s just a word we use.

Hence, the phrase Healing the Planet from Within is all about turning the light on inside yourself… and seeing the truth of what you are.

A multi-dimensional, expansive and infinite being.

You begin by being.

Being aware of your matrix, the Personal Template for Living (PTfL).

Personal Development.