A couple of weeks ago my doctor told me to go onto a water fast for a few days until my pancreas stopped being sore. That’s the usual protocol for a sore pancreas… give it a rest.

So, I started researching “water fasting” and found a water fasting coach, who told me not to use any electrolytes. He mocked, “Of course, you can get yourself tested to ease your mind but your body will naturally store the electrolytes it needs.”

He recommended I go for 28 days.

Uh. 28 days and no electrolytes????

My gut instinct was feeling weird about this so I bought a blood pressure machine and did some more research. The body needs salt and potassium during a water fast, and experts say magnesium at night is good too. Electrolytes form ions in the body and keep the various bodily processes running as they should. They regulate nerve function and muscle contractions and aid with healing.

Once in awhile I added salt and bicarbonate to my water and even had some chicken bone broth in the evening, but I didn’t know about potassium or where to find it here in Australia. They don’t sell it in the chemists like they do calcium and magnesium.

When I had a session with my water fasting coach he would ask, “You’re just doing water, right?”. And I would reply, “Yes, yes.”…. He was just so insistent on the no electrolytes thing, rather than flowing with an individual’s body’s needs.

On Day 10 my heart was racing even when I was sitting down quietly. It was evening when it was noticeable and it really started to worry me so I called my friend who recommended I go to the hospital immediately

…………..before we continue I really want to tell you that my pancreas and liver were very sore and my LDL cholesterol was worrying high (for the doctor).

✔ Water fasting has been proven to cure cancer, heart problems, arthritis and any type of illness and disease the physical body can get.

DAY 10: In the evening I was testing my blood pressure and heart rate and every five minutes it was going up and up. One friend drove me to the hospital, and the other one met me there. The hospital immediately hooked me up to all sorts of equipment to check my heart, and they did blood tests too.

MY POTASSIUM LEVELS were at 2.7…. at 2.5 it can cause heart attacks and death.

Ugh. 1 1/2 hours of intravenous and a prescription for more potassium… I went to stay at my friend’s house.

That ended my fast and I started refeeding. Refeeding is a process of slowly and gently putting foods back into the digestive system, which is now more like a newborn’s stomach. For me, this involved boiled veggies… my first meal was two pieces of boiled cauliflower…. second meal was the same. The next day the portions were doubled.

Okay… so that was a little over a week ago.

What’s the result of a day 10 water fast?

With each meal I added another vegetable in. On day 3 I tried eating salted fish but, boy oh boy, that took a long time to digest. Meat takes longer to digest than vegetables! On day 4 I was back to veggies and baked beans (drained so I didn’t get the sugar content). ALL ORGANIC. For some reason I really really craved organic canned tomatoes and eat them with a tablespoon of Indian coriander seed powder, pepper and salt… yum!

My doctor called today and my potassium levels are now normal and my cholesterol is normal too. She asked if I had started taking the cholesterol lowering tablets, and I said no… so we both laughed with delight.

We’ll test again in a few weeks and see how things go.

Overall, would I do a 10 day water fast again?

Absolutely Yes! … but I’d do it with more knowledge and levels of safety this time. In fact, I’ve already bought some fasting salts and am looking forward to it!

The level of depth of healing and spirituality you get from a water fasting is amazing!

How is water fasting spiritual development?

Well, during the first week I went through alot of exhaustion, heaviness and emotional upheavals. I’ve been involved in personal development and spiritual development for a few years now and have become quite skilled at shifting into a trance state meditation to do soul retrievals and release trapped emotions or change core beliefs.

But there’s a part of oneself that is seemingly protective of the under layers of hurt and pain. You know,  under the surface… it remains hidden there….

….. until you do a water fast!

I naturally have claircognizance since I was a child. Claircognizance is a clear knowing when you have an inner knowing about something. It’s an unusual gift to have in the world and people often find a need to tell me about something that I already know, but the don’t know I know so they tell me. I have no way to back up the inner knowing with facts, until it happens… and that’s how I came to trust it… because when the inner knowing came with a particular feeling it would come true… and know I just put these two together and know I’ve been given a “knowing”, for lack of a better word.

Now imagine having this ability and being super sensitive during a water fast!!

I had a premonition of my next lifetime!

Yes, I’m certain. 😉

I’m super excited to see how this skill will come forth during sessions with clients now too!

Besides the clear vision I now have of body organs.

Wow! Would I water fast again?