Human Endocrine System

In the past few weeks a few very important issues have been brought to my attention that affects the health of your mind and body: Endocrine System and Dark Entities. I’ve been researching  both and here’s what I found:

Endocrine System

If the organs of your Endocrine System are not at 100% functioning, or the Endocrine system is not in balance this can cause many physical and mental ailments:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Lethargy
  • Depressive moods
  • Confusion
  • Mental health issues

When you have extremes amount of stress in your life including physical, mental or other personal stress, your Endocrine System is put under pressure causing all or some of the above symptoms.

If you were raised in a narcissistic environment, had a narcissistic ex-partner, or are stuck in narcissistic patterns your adrenal glands might be carrying around a huge burden of toxic emotions and are unable to function. This can even be true if you are suffering from Intergenerational Trauma.

If you are tired a lot and feel lethargic nearly every day this can lead to depression, which in turn leads to more fatigue…. and the cycle deepens into hopelessness and pity me, poor me patterns.

Now when clients come to me with anxiety and/or depression and/or have mental health symptoms I check for the levels of happiness and functioning of each body organ, and then we work towards improving the organ’s health to 100%. I do this anyways for new clients as it provides great insight into your overall physical and mental health.

I’ve also been researching daily strategies one can do to improve Endocrine System health and have been implementing them in my own life. The Tibetan Five Rites, Yin Yoga, Tapping and Donna Eden’s energy exercises are a few these. As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I also released trapped emotions from each of the Endocrine Organs, and that makes them both happy and function better. How do I know this? 1. I asked an advanced practitioner to test my organs for me and 2. The overall health benefits are noticeable, even to my Chinese herbalist who I’ve been seeing for over 10 years.

Supporting your Endocrine System can save you from future illness and disease, keep your mind clear of the brain fog, increase your energy levels, reduce mental health such as depression and anxiety. I’ve seen evidence of this is scientific journal articles, which is where I got all the information form in this post. Feel free to look some up yourself in “Google Scholar”.

Every time new information comes to me about the health and well-being of my clients, and how I can best support them, I do my research and learn more deeply about the topic at hand. I’m an Energy Healer that goes to the depth of issues for clients. In fact, even certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners are coming to me for help getting unstuck. I’m getting known for my depth.

Dark Entities

Dark Entities can also affect your physical body health and mental health. It’s a fact. Would you like to know more? I’ll write a blog on this one soon, as I’m exploring this from many angles including working with a few clients on multi-personality disorder to see where the stuck energies are…. seems to be mostly in past lives. When results come in I’ll do a blog post!

All Healing can not be done without God.

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