There are many places to stay in Ubud, and it was overwhelming to decide which one. I decided to walk to a few places I saw online and see for myself.IMG_20190203_101831115_HDR

Homestays are the way to go because they are cheaper. Some homestays are designed for socialising with other travellers and you’ll hear someone strumming a banjo or guitar.

I stayed one night at Ojek’s which had an impressive garden layout with a centre area with tables and pillows – a great hangout place. I met people there straight away.

Then I moved to Ayu’s Homestay because Ojek’s was booked out and because I wanted to look around more. Also, the room I was given at Ojek’s was musty and dark and lacked important necessities…like toilet paper!

Ayu Homestay, Monkey Forest Road, Arjuna Lane, Ubud. WhatsApp: 081239954016

At Ayu’s Homestay I had a very warm welcome from all the family members. The rooms are spotless and new. They have different sized rooms too. And they serve an amazing breakfast! A few mornings I was fasting on fruit so they served me a delicious breakfast of different fruits. Yummo!



At Ayu Homestay their regular breakfast comes with fruit and your choice of a pancake or rice. It’s quite a large breakfast!

They also have a thermos of hot water all through the day so you can have as much tea as you desire! Tea is also provided. These daily delights were a very special part of this stay.

Other places I stayed at either had cereal and toast for breakfast or a heavy fried rice meal. I REALLY enjoyed the fruit here!


But besides the great accommodation, free breakfast and tea it was the family that I really loved! I felt welcomed and safe here. They showed me some of their culture, arranged tours for me and even showed me how to cook Balinese style! I loved them so much and am still in contact with them even after I left!

If/when I ever go back to Ubud I would definitely stay there again. Such a lovely family!

Ayu Homestay was were I based myself for the entire two weeks I was in Ubud, Bali.

They even organised for me to see the sights….   I saw the rice fields, Luwak coffee, temples and so much more! The Father was my own personal driver; it was so great!


When you go to Ubud simply send Putu (their daughter) a message on Whatsapp with the dates you need and she’ll book you in.

If she doesn’t respond straight away it means she might be in the kitchen cooking for guests, doing ceremony or having a moment to relax.

They have a regular stream of guests here so they certainly deserve some time to relax!

Ayu Homestay, Monkey Forest Road, Arjuna Lane, Ubud. WhatsApp: 081239954016