There used to be a very strong and powerful Indigenous culture in Australia. And YES, fragments of that still exists, but it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The ANCESTRAL POWER book talks about Shamans and Medicine Men/Women who could fly, have X-Ray vision, leave the body and travel in the spirit world, talk to ancestors in the spirit world, send poisonous (spiritual) arrows to harm or kill someone else and heal physical sickness.

“In order to effect a cure, two medicine men stroked his flesh in all different directions away from the point at which the spear was said to have entered the body. They then sucked again, at which time blood and ‘corrupt matter’ came out” ~from the book Ancestral Power by Lynne Hume

And I’ve heard stories from local people (in different areas) who have seen Elders split the clouds and stop the rain from falling in a particular location, seen Medicine Men remove arrows, rocks, marbles, poisons, etc – sometimes by reaching their hand inside the person (the hand would disappear inside the body and remove these objects), and then there are people who can sing (actually sing an ancient traditional song) someone sick or better. There are even songs to sing someone as a wife/husband. These clever men were created through a process of initiation.

“Elkin writes that the clever man’s knowledge or power is not gained with the aid of drugs or violent dance, but through quietness and receptivity, meditation and recollections, observation and inference, concentration and decision. From Elkin’s accounts, it appears that the medicine man’s techniques are more meditative and introspective than excitatory. For example, a Ngadjuri (South Australia) candidate for doctor man must meditate, talk with spirits, go into trance and see visions in order to become a fully initiated native doctor. Song and ritual taught to him by other men of high degree at or after his special initiative and learning period, enable the medicine man to ‘travel’. “ ~ page 158 of Ancestral Power by Lynne Hume

The old ones who had this power are becoming few and far between after the Christian invasion. You see, Christians believed all this Power is the devil’s work. When you think about the energy used to do this type of MAGIC you can feel that it comes directly from the Earth energy. The EARTH is said – in the Bible – to be made from God.

There used to be many clever men and probably women too in this North Eastern part of Australia. I’ve heard of stories of a shaman who would visit a community – he travelled from afar – he travelled in the shape of a dog… which makes a lot of sense  – dogs have 4 legs. 🙂

Nowadays, people hold close to them their Christian values. There’s a pastor who consults them on their marriage – and how important it is to stay together as a couple – even if you’re absolutely miserable and your partner is having an affair. “You have to work it out.” The Christian religion rules many people’s lives here.

If you’re reading this blog I’m sure you’re aware that religions attempt to change your deepest CORE BELIEF which in turn changes the way you think about things and the way you feel about things. It changes your entire life – if you let it.

Now this is interesting from my own perspective because I was born and raised in a dutch church Christian Reformed. As a young girl I heard stories of a vengeful and cruel God who would send you to hell if you sinned. I was scared of doing anything wrong and one day I started preaching to the children I babysat. I was trying to convert them to Christianity. But the weird thing was that their parents talked to my parents and I wasn’t allowed to do that. Weird I thought. I was trying to save them. I lost my babysitting job. This made me wonder what all the kafuffle was about – if other people didn’t want any part of it why did I have to be.

I don’t call myself a Christian any more. I don’t have a religion. When you look into History you see stories upon stories whereby religion is the sole reason for wars, killings and total destruction of Indigenous races. Hidden under the guise of religion monks raped young boys, girls were beaten by nuns, grown men were chained and treated as slaves and children stolen from their families. Most people would deny this. Sweep it under the carpet. But it’s true. So, why would I want to be part of that?

**Shhh! It’s just not talked about any more.**

Seeing this really frustrates me. I see a great and ancient power inside these people. I see a culture that has the ability to be superhuman with knowledge of how to work with nature in a strong community in which everyone has a feeling of belonging.

In this ancient race of Indigenous Australians I see healing for the world.

[NOTE from 2021: The path to enlightenment is still alive and talked about in India. Yogis there are still superhuman and working with the five elements, and living forever. I’m super excited to get back to India as soon as the world is back up and running.]