I saw Cassowary crossing the road!

We were driving through the Daintree, North Australia and going through a long to-do-list when suddenly we were stopped by a group of people on the bridge. They all had cameras and looked like a group of tourists all excited to take pictures of something really exciting – probably were. 😉

A woman came to our car and said, “A mother and baby Cassowary are about to cross the road.”

Sure enough up the two of them came… the little one was bouncy and playful… he was leading the way. And when we saw the parent my friend said, “That’s the Father… the Fathers care for the young.”

The baby rang playful over to the other side and then back to the middle of the road to peck at a small twig. All games for this little one.

My camera didn’t take the best pictures… I had got pretty close at one time but those pictures are blurry. Ah well, the experience is something wonderful. I’ve never seen a wild Cassowary before!

cassowary cape york australia sm 2

A few weeks later I was camping in a National Park and throwing away some old food. Out of the rainforest came running a young male cassowary.

He gave me such a fright at first – because, well, they have these long claws… and he stood taller than me. When he was done snacking he sat down in the bush just a little ways away… and I thought to myself how hidden he was – yet only a few feet away. Best to keep an eye out when you’re walking in the bush – look out for the blue on the cassowary.