One day I was chatting with a wonderful new old friend whose people come from Old Mapoon (North of Weipa). We were talking culture… I have such a craving hunger for learning culture that nearly all my conversations contain some aspects of the fascinating culture of Indigenous Australians.CAM00872

During the conversation I mentioned that I was going to the City. And he said to me something along the lines of, “My people used to live on that land”, and suddenly I had this vision of the city being open land like the land I’ve been seeing up North.


Not too long ago the Indigenous people (Originals) of Australia were living off the land in the Brisbane City area. They were living naturally with the land within LORE (ancient traditional law possibly more than 80,000 years old). Each tribe had their own ways about collecting bush foods and bush medicines according to their local environment.

And then along came another type of people that completely ignored their ancient way of living and decimated their entire (nearly all of it!) culture.

I can’t get my head around why this happened because the world I was brought up in was adamant about a “melting pot” way of living in which every culture is practiced and respected. Ideally anyways.

With limitations.

Within judgements.


Yah, okay. So, cultures seem to clash… and murder ….or suppress…. or control…. other cultures that are different to them.

And this happens all around the world. What the? Aren’t we ALL being human? One race? One MOB?

So, I walked the city with eyes wide opened. Some of that land… underneath the city… is sacred land and high energy spots. Now, I’ve walked that type of land – where there is no city – and it’s an amazing feeling. Some of the land feels sad whilst other parts of the land feels taboo – and you just don’t go there. AND, the city covers all of it with one big slab of concrete disregarding all them individual aspects.

Some parts of the city feel heavier and that’s where more crime and hatred occur. Some parts of the city feel haunted as if you just shouldn’t be there – but people live there anyways. Some parts of the city is on top of men’s or women’s sacred land – where families live feeling unease between the genders. And people wonder why strange things occur in particular parts of the city!

There’s sacred land under that city. The city covers the land.

Feel the land. Where ever you are – feel into the land. Not with your mind or the thoughts in your mind. Feel it with the center of your being.