Have you ever felt as though life’s challenges were too much. The pressure became so heavy that you didn’t think you’d survive another day. resilience

Imagine being a seed. In your new life you’re a seed. Now in every new moment (in every minute of your day) you have the opportunity to start NEW – to choose that moment as if you were NEW to this world. In fact, every cell of your body renews itself on a regular basis so you are in FACT new – but your mind perceives your reality as being the same.

So, just for now – imagine yourself NEW – as a seed and you are suddenly whisked away by a bird and swallowed and then shat out on top of a rock. Splat!

This is your new life. On top of a rock. Luckily you landed there in the wet season because it’s raining and so you have water to feed you, but you have no dirt – no ground to put your roots in.

Yet you are determined to live a flourishing life and so you focus all your thoughts and energy on growing…. personal development.

You work with the elements you are given – even though most seeds would think this is scarce – you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF to accomplish everything.

And you grow, you grow so strong that you grow your roots into the rock, and you split the rock. You grow up big and strong and proud.


You are a divine strong tree growing resiliently even though nature only gave you water and a rock.

I believe in you.

Expanding consciousness with personal development.

I believe that your life is NEW right now – in this moment – in every moment.

I believe you can become resilient and create your life as you desire.

I believe in your divine brilliance to grow strong and show the world your beautifying uniqueness!

(Here, this tree inspired me. It did indeed grow so strong it split the rock. If you went up to this rock you can feel the power emanating from it. I didn’t feel right to touch this rock. It feel sacred.)