what the bleepOne day, and I can’t remember the exact day. In some place, and I can’t remember the exact location.

Life has become a blur. Every day life in the Western world is quite predictable and familiar and there’s no reason to remember things because it’s all been done before.

You wake up to the same alarm. Brush your teeth at the same bathroom sink. Make the same breakfast – with a rotation of the same 5 meals. Use the same toilet ,and have a hot shower the same time every day. You drive the same car. Talk to the same people. See the same sights and experience the same local cafes and restaurants.

It’s all the same.

Well, on the road there are 5-unlimited new things and new people each day and, because it’s unusual to go through so much NEW-ness, the time, people and places blur. It seems my mind can’t remember where I’ve woke up the morning before and so I bought a journal.

Now one of the familiar things on the road is a LIBRARY.

As a traveller you’re constantly seeking: 1. a quiet place to sleep, 2. something to eat (if you want a warm meal rather than a packet of noodles or can of baked beans), and 3. a place to charge up technology.

creating reality 1

I’m charging up technology at the library this one morning and then, while stretching as a video uploads, I see this book on the shelf. It calls to me (not out loud).


Yah, yah – me thinks to myself – I’ve heard of this kind of book before. Wasn’t it a popular documentary film?

I open the book to see this page staring at me…. Joe Dispenza

YES YES! That’s it!

I’ve been questioning myself the past couple of days, “Why on EARTH are you travelling about – to NO WHERE?!!”

Well, here’s a part of the answer. I want to expand my reality, and what I know of the world. If I sit in the familiar I keep doing the same behaviours, actions, thoughts, and patterns.

I want to expand my reality. I want to learn how to live a different reality than the familiar I was living.

conscious livingHow many times have you heard that “you create your reality”? It’s a popular saying, but what does it actually mean?

It’s definitely true that you’re thoughts and emotions create your reality.

I’ve experimented with that before when I was travelling in Alice Springs and near Uluru many many years ago.

I bought the Celestine Prophecy book in Perth in 1996 and thought I’d try it out – experiment – to see if my thoughts did indeed create my life.

So, on a tour in Darwin I made a “bad” thought just before going on a tour. “This is going to be the WORST tour ever.” And lo-and-behold it certainly was a miserable trip – the tour guide showed us dead animals, it was hot and sticky and everyone in the group was miserably groaning.

Then halfway through the trip I consciously ON PURPOSE thought a good thought, “This trip is going to really turn around and be GREAT”.

And it did.

That was a huge eye opener for me, and I’ve been playing with it ever since. The focus becomes easier and more dedicated when you’re consciously aware of your thoughts.

So, why am I here on this journey to the bush?

why are we hereexpanding realityTo expand my consciousness. To expand my reality.

To learn from the Indigenous people as much as they will share about their culture.

To unplug from what society has taught that all that exists in reality is what it teaches.

To seek answers on how people on earth can be a solid working community that works sustainably together as one race.

To evolve.

Expanding consciousness.

Raise your energy vibration.