It seems as though green ants are every where in North Australia. If you’re not looking where you’re going, or where you lean, you might find green ants crawling all over you. You see, when you invade their space they get rather cranky and go crazy trying to get you away from their home. AND they get under your clothes and bite!

But when you consider green ants from an Indigenous perspective you see a valuable bush medicine that is well known to combat colds and flus. green ants nest

I’ve been shown a few ways to use the green ants: 1. Take one individual ant and eat its green back end, or

2. Crush the entire nest (which is a clump of leaves folded up like a cocoon with ants ALL over and in it – so you gotta be quick doing it or they’ll end up all over you) and breathe in the acrid smell,

3. Soak the crushed ant nest and soak in it water for a few minutes and then drink the liquid.

When I first started my journey North I never envisioned that I would be brave enough to eat an ant – or any other creepy crawly thing for that matter. Yet, when I was in the bush it just seemed normal to do.

I had to laugh at myself the other day because, when I got back in town and was chatting on the phone to a friend, I saw some green ants climbing up a tree and just reached down – grabbed one – smushed it in between my finger and thumb and then ate it.

I would have never done that before!