During this transition time I feel I need some pampering and relaxation. I have just finished a year working in China and certainly deserve a good massage. Chiang Mai has many massage places, but nothing felt just right yet.

Then I met Panida, the lovely owner of Heart ‘n Soul Massage and Steam House for Women. She radiated with divine Goddess energy, and gave me a discount coupon. Sold!

When I first walked in I was greeted by another radiant woman, Panida’s Mother. She had prepared herbal tea and a small plate of fruit to welcome me.

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I savored the tea while soaking up the relaxing music and peaceful herbal smell from the herbal sauna.

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I was gently guided for a quick shower before luxuriously relaxing in the herbal sauna. What bliss! I could come in and out as I pleased and I’m sure I sweated out many toxins!

Next, was a two hour oil massage. Oh, I was in heaven!

This beautiful Thai woman, an expert masseuse who name I didn’t catch, climbed on the table, checked regularly how the pressure was and loosened up all those sore spots. An excellent massage.

It was tonnes different than my experience at a spa in China where more than 50 women were all walking around naked going from spa to sauna to pool to massage for the entire morning. And where my entire body was first buffed down with a scrubber – felt like I was an old car being sanded down before a polish. 🙄 It was NOT a personalized, relaxing experience.

Not like my experience at Heart ‘N Soul where I felt at ease with no hurry, no rush and plenty of time to relax and soak up the good vibes.

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Heart ‘N Soul Herbal Spa for women is place that gives every woman a very special experience. You’re not rushed. You are cared for. It’s more of a caring family atmosphere than a business. And women only! 💕

It’s a very special experience I can recommend to every woman staying in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ask for the SPA PACKAGE!

You can find their Facebook page by clicking here.

Tell them Carmyn sent you!