I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the monkeys in the MONKEY FOREST, UBUD, Bali, Indonesiaimg 20190202 134136

They brought me so much joy and fascination with their babies, teenagers, fighting males and how they groom each other.

It was my first time seeing monkeys, and since, I’ve always wanted to see monkeys, I went back to the forest a few times while I was in Ubud.

The first time I went my daughter was staying with me too.

You gotta be quick with monkeys!

My daughter was with me the first time we went to see the monkeys.

She felt mosquitoes biting her and asked to get the mossie repellent out of my handbag…. well, one of the male monkeys saw her looking in my bag and came right over with such determination to see what she would find. Quickly we backed up and she stopped looking.

img 20190202 134100

BUT, she didn’t want to get bitten by any more mosquitoes and so, behind my back, got out the red mossie repellent bottle.

The monkey SAW and came VERY QUICKLY then and she handed the bottle over to one of the caretakers of the monkeys. He told her to put it back in the bag.

I’ve seen a monkey take a Chinese tourist’s bottle of water, open it and drink it. It was quite a spectacular for everyone!

Here you can see a cheeky monkey trying to look in my bag while I’m posing for a picture!

monkeys in the monkey forest ubud bali wyld woman goes bush

I imagine if you see monkeys any where around the world you need to keep your wits about you!

(A rules especially true when I got to Rishikesh, India where there are two different types of monkeys – one kinder than the other – and it was helpful knowing which one which the mean one!)

They are cheeky and try anything. Luckily these monkeys are very well fed, and have regular carers they get to know.

I’ve seen one of the carers speak to the monkey in the local language and the monkey seems to understand.

monkey forest carer ubud bali wyldwomangoesbush

The local caretakers seem to know the monkeys non-verbal communication too.

A local tour guide told his client to sit with her legs crossed near a monkey. The monkey climbed on her lap – for an awesome photo!


Apparently you can touch a monkey if he/she is sitting cross-legged too.

I love these pictures of the tourist!

You see her facial expression when the monkey first sat on her lap.

A complete classic moment that she wasn’t expecting

img 20190126 124631
img 20190126 124638

Yes, the monkeys in the Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia are definitely a MUST SEE. The locals at the Ayu Homestay (a great place by the way!) told us that every year the locals celebrate the monkeys’ birthday and everyone brings them food! They are very well cared for and happy monkeys.

Just be careful with your things when you walk in the Monkey Forest and even on the streets of Ubud near the Monkey Forest!

Lol. They’re so funny!

monkey crossing caution ubud bali wyld woman goes bush
monkey in ubud bali wyld woman goes bush
Monkeys in the Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali.