In Marlo Morgan’s book, “Mutant Message Down Under” she talks about how the Indigenous people have the ability to maintain their focus on creating reality. When they were on walkabout they easily create whatever they needed – food, water, swimming hole, etc. It’s as if the environment was made to support them. To do this they maintained focused thoughts and emotions/feelings on what they wanted to create.

The ability to create your reality is something Westerners play a game with. We try to create a parking spot at the mall during the Christmas rush and are sometimes lucky enough to have a car leave at the same time we arrive. We try to manifest money by carrying around a green wallet or some other lucky charm someone told us about.

BUT, can you imagine knowing the very structure of nature and knowing – having a deep knowing – without a doubt – total certainty – that the structure of nature you’re working with will indeed create what you want to manifest.

It’s similar to baking a cake.

  1. You have a recipe with clear instructions.
  2. You buy all the ingredients.
  3. Set the oven to the correct temperature.
  4. Grease the right sized baking dish.
  5. Then pour, mix, whisk, fluff, pour, crack, whisk.
  6. Making sure half the ingredients go in first, and then adding the rest.
  7. Mix, whisk, fluff, whisk, and then pour again.
  8. The cake then bakes for a certain amount of time.
  9. You monitor that time exactly and test the cake with a toothpick.
  10. Take the cake out and let it cool.

You KNOW you’ll eat a cake after that process. You’ve done it before.

We’ll traditional Indigenous people have a process that is exactly in line with the natural flow of nature.

I acknowledge, respect and honour all original Indigenous peopltrekking through the olgase of Earth. Their traditional culture is deeply embedded with the flow of oneness that we are all part of. Their daily rituals recognises the ancestors in the dreaming and keep in tune with the earth and their environment. When they are sick they feel into the plants to find the correct medicine. They hear the song lines of the Earth, the trees and plants. They know when something is out of balance and perform rituals to bring it back into balance. They shift into the Dreaming for ancient wisdom and knowledge.

The culture of Indigenous Australians’ is ‘oneness with nature’. In traditional culture the rocks, canyons, trees, waterfalls, island, beaches – all of nature – is sacred. It is connected to us and we to them. To live in harmony with the flow of nature maintains sustainability.

(Right – a old backpacking picture at the Olgas with my green hat).

**Please note: This blog is from my own perspective.