Anything you succeed at doing requires a dedicated focus. focus to be fat

If you’re fat you have succeeded in maintaining a focused mindset on eating more food than what would be required to keep the body alive. You’ve kept this focus for many months and perhaps even years. It’s quite a skill really.

In order to remain fat you MUST keep your thoughts focused on eating all types of delicacies including sugary treats, fried foods, fatty meats, sugary drinks, pastries and so on. It’s a dedicated practice to be fat.

It’s a dedicated practice to maintain diabetes too. You must maintain a set routine or  HABITS To remain sick with diabetes. You must maintain a mindset that requires you to eat more sugar than the body can handle. You also must remain focused on eating so much food that your body is overweight which will in turn put negative pressure on the body’s system – eventually shutting down systems of the body (which would normally remain at a healthy functioning thwart your efforts). To continue having diabetes you must continue HABITS that keep the body sick this way. It’s quite impressive actually. To have such a focus. It takes YEARS to create diabetes in the body. This doesn’t happen over night. It requires years of practice.

But what if you wanted to change your life? Learn something new? If you wanted to be a swimmer? Or a bird watcher? Or be a doctor? Or perhaps just lose weight enough to be considered average or even skinny?

The HABITS of the mind – and of behaviour – create what and who you are. If you want to

aboriginal men of high degree

change your life in any way you need to CHANGE YOUR HABITS – your thinking and doing.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Therefore, anything you want to do in life requires a different set of HABITS – in thinking and doing. And, of course, this also requires a FOCUSED DEDICATION to keep those new habits in place in order to create a successful change. Some call this Personal Development.

Let’s speculate then. What set of HABITS would make a Man/Woman of HIGH DEGREE?

Aboriginal Men of High Degree

Personal Development Insights…. hhmmm