I spent nearly four months in Rishikesh, India at the end of 2019. During this time I sat in Vasishta Cave for two hours meditating where great saints and gurus have sat and samadhi has occurred, and where enlightened ones continue to chant in the ethereal realms. It’s right next to the very powerful Mother Ganga river that flows through the holy city of Rishikesh.

The Vasistha Cave is an ancient cave where the great Sage Vasishta meditated. In Hindu mythology Vasistha was a manas putra (human son) of Lord Brahma and is one of the Saptarshis (7 sages).

It’s a sacred spot so silence, proper dress and no shoes are expected.

vasishta cave front

My first trip to the cave was brief because I was with other students from the school on a tour. When I entered the cave I couldn’t see anything because it was so dark. I was told to sit and bumped into another person who was already there meditation. The cave is about 20 ft long, 10 ft wide at the entrance but slowly tapering down and the height is about 7 ft. At the furthest end of the cave, there is a Shivling. Apparently, sages from the remote and higher reaches of the Himalayas come down to this cave for meditation.

We were allowed to only meditate in the cave for 10 minutes and then ushered out. The tour group then wandered over to  a small cave along the beach and then continued to the beach where the powerful Mother Ganga flows.

Reflection Time

While the others went to enjoy the water and warm sun I was fascinated by the energies I felt in the area and wandered along beside the boulders that touched the sandy beach. I stopped in fascination where three sheets of rock mimicked a large doorway approximately 10 foot tall, 8 foot wide and 6 inches deep each. I stood there in awe looking at these three sheets of large boulder and felt strongly that they were a doorway. The small lizards a little bit larger than my hand looked down on me – guardians! I laughed out loud as I greeted these small yet might beasts. The doorway was closed but inside I felt tunnels going into rooms, winding deeper into the earth.

This brought back memories when I was up North in Murray Falls campground and walking along the path that lead to the top of the waterfalls. There I also felt a doorway and light beings in there.

When I got back to the school that day I Googled “Vasishta Cave, Rishikesh” and found articles that talked about how the cave used to extend for another 20 kms, and that Siddhas in their subtle bodies continue to meditate there. I appreciate it when I get confirmation of my insights.

vasishta cave sign samadha

Vasishta Cave Second Visit

I started craving another meditation in the Vasishta Cave, so I organised a private car to take me there. When I arrived there it was still early so no one was there.  I was lucky enough to have the cave empty to myself.

I couldn’t get a good picture inside the cave – even the flash on my camera didn’t want to assist!

vasishta cave

I sat in meditation for two hours. Tourists started arriving but I was busy in trance state so it was of little bother. The power of the cave is big. The light energy in my entire being expanded and I felt very light – light hearted and white light. I was gifted with a golden lotus which now resides in my heart centre. I feel it was a gift to help enlighten my beingness, spiritual development and will unfold over time.

I was in Rishikesh, India for nearly 4 months. I’m pretty keen to return to India to learn more, expand consciousness, for spiritual development and to meditate in other sacred samadhi spots. I’ve heard that some people who are deeply on their spiritual journey ON PURPOSE seek out these spots for meditation. It seems as though I’ll join them on this journey.

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