Would you like to increase your happiness?

Do you carry too much stress and want an easy technique for reducing stress?

Try this Loving Kindness Meditation for just 7 days and see what happens… it’s an easy meditation suitable for beginners that is guaranteed to add some extra benefits in your life.

It takes only 20 minutes each day, but is beneficial even if you only have 10 minutes to spare. It’s definitely a must have Personal Development Tool to add to your PD TOOLBOX. In fact, once you get good at doing this Loving Kindness Meditation you’ll find you can even do it in public places. You simply just feel this uplifting peaceful feeling and radiate that out to the world. I’m sure you’ll love it!

loving kindness meditation 2 healing the planet from within

“After only four days of practicing a Loving Kindness Meditation, and contemplating on Positivity, I felt how my habit of ruminating constricted my heart-center, tightened my neck muscles and built up a wall of protection between myself and others. After the fourth session my stomach area was relaxed and I was amazed. My neck moved more easily. A friend of mine said to me, “You’re speaking slower!” and yes, I was. I was feeling serene.” ~Carmen Wyld

You don’t have to be a Guru to feel peaceful and happy every day.

How to do the Loving Kindness Meditation

Step 1: Make yourself comfortable.

Step 2: Think of someone you love, and feel in your heart what that love feels like.

Step 3: Hold the love in your heart.

Step 4: Imagine that feeling of love growing until it completely envelopes you….like you’re sitting in a ball of love.

Step 5: Hold that ball of love around you for a few minutes.


Step 6: Think of someone and imagine them feeling love.

Step 7: Wish them happiness, health and peace.

Step 8: Hold this image in your mind for a few moments.


Step 9: Think of someone else and imagine them feeling love.

Step 10: Wish them happiness, health and peace.

Step 11: Hold this image in your mind for a few moments.

Keep doing this visualisation for as many people as you want to. I find it helpful to start with people I am closest to, and then moving on to people I don’t like or don’t know. It has an amazing effect in your heart and mind to see anyone enveloped in pure love. It really changes how you see them in daily life, and certainly is a powerful way to heal and mend any relationships or connections.

I did this meditation once with a work colleague. She was a grumpy woman who tended to target people at work. I was new at work and she decided she didn’t like me. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling for me.

When I finally saw the matrix pattern for what it was I did a meditation similar to this one. I imagined sending love from my heart to hers…. and I held the image of us both feeling love for a few minutes. It’s always a blissful feeling to generate the feeling of love.

The next day she was a completely different woman. She was kind and sweet to me. I was absolutely delighted.

Doing this Loving Kindness Meditation on a regular basis not only uplifts the energy vibes between you and your family and friends, it also sends an uplifting loving energy around the world… a rippling effect.

Healing the Planet from Within